Monday 24 December 2012

X is for eXuding eXcitement!

When it comes to the letter X, we need to eXplain, ABCW is not an eXacting bunch. We eXpect that finding eXact X words is eXtremely difficult, because so few eXist.

So we have long been willing to make an eXception this week - anything that starts with the X sound, or have the X look, would be eXcellent. We won't eXclude you, because we don't want to tamp down your eXuberance, or make you so eXhausted that you run for the eXits, uttering an eXpletive! We want you to eXcel, and stay on this eXcursion! Please eXamine previous X weeks to see how this works.

Oh, I'm also eXcited by Troy's new logo:

He wrote:

"I tried to be inspired by the number 12, and clocks and calendars came to mind, so I used them as my background.

"I added a couple of 12 segmented stars, just for color  and threw the number 12 into the middle of the ABC Wednesday title."

I think Troy is eXtraordinary!
For those who celebrate it, Merry Xmas, which, as I have noted, eXperts have said eXemplifies the word Christmas!

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Welcome to W Week

In the wake of one of the worst tragedies ever, it's hard to imagine that one of the most joyous days of the year - Christmas - is next weekWhile we who are safely ensconced in the warm embrace of family and friends, may we all remember those who are suffering so terribly right now after losing their loved ones, especially innocent little children. Try to remember that they were all in the process of celebrating the reason for the season - the birth of Christ Jesus.  Even if you are not a "believer," I'm sure all are believers of love, friendship, freedom, and peace for all mankind.  Here at ABC Wednesday, the team would like to extend warm wishes for the holiday season and the best for a happy new year. I'd like to share with you my favourite song of the season, sung by CeeLo.  Hopefully, it will wash away our sorrows in  this time of senseless brutality and give us hope for the future. 

ABC Wednesday

Monday 10 December 2012

Introduction of V

Color icon violet v2.svg
Thinking of the letter V the colour violet, the flower named after the colour, and other flowers with a shade of violet come before my mind's eye. I give you this colourful introduction today!

The color violet takes its name from the violet flower. On the traditional color wheel used by painters, it is located between blue and red.

Wil, ABC Team

Monday 3 December 2012

Unidentified Flying Letters

UNBELIEVABLY we have reached the letter U in our adventure through the alphabet, our ULTIMATE destination UNDERWAY with UNBOUNDED and UNFETTERED enthusiasm.  This is the UMPTEENTH round so what will you UNEARTH this week?  Will it be the UNEXPECTED, or stories UNFOLDING, UNFORGETTABLE memories, and UNIQUE perspectives.  Put those UNIDENTIFIED flying letters into a word, or maybe more,  starting with the letter U.

What about UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS or UFOs?  There were mysterious flying airships sighted in the 1880s but it took until the 1950s before the flying saucers were reported and when the term UFOLOGY was coined.  The UK National Archives have helpfully released this chart from 1969 of data collected in 1967 and 68 so you can spot your local UFO as it flies past the window:-

In the meantime link up your post and UNFASTEN your seatbelt and relax into ABC Wednesday