Monday 7 July 2014

Z is for ZONE

ZONE is an interesting word in that it means a lot of different things, many of which apply to ABC Wednesday:

There are time ZONES. I don't know how many are represented by our participants - I'm in US Eastern, where are you? - but it's the variation across the globe that has ABC Wednesday start on Tuesday for many of us, because it IS Wednesday - in New Zealand!

We live in different weather ZONES. Some are in the temperate ZONE; others are in places more torrid or frigid.

Don't know about you, but when I write, I need to be IN THE ZONE, that sweet spot that allows for creativity, defined as "a mental state attained by a person fully immersed in some activity."

In basketball and American football, there's something called the ZONE defense in which a defender covers an area of the court or the field. We do the same sort of thing at ABC Wednesday. One person in our group will visit the first dozen or so participants who post through the Linky device, another the next dozen, etc. And we like to mix it up, so that different people are covering different ZONES each week, when possible.

And ABCW itself is a ZONE, an area of diverse interests, uniquely shared together. This ZONE has the ability to create relationships, even friendships, as we discover the commonality of us all.

It is my fervent hope that you remain in our communication ZONE designed by Denise Nesbitt seven years ago. Bring along others, because this is not meant to be a restrictive ZONE, but an inclusive one.

Round 15, with the letter A, starts next week!



  1. amaZing intro, Roger! I'm in the southwest corner of Canada just north of the USA border and I love starting on Tuesdays so I be in the Zone to see the posts from my friends in Europe and Britain!

  2. Zip, Zap..Zoom! ...the Zones these days;)
    Thank you Roger for everything you do on ABCW to induce wonderful energy!
    I also thank Denise Nesbitt for a lovely creation, and team members for their support:)
    Thoroughly enjoyed fantastic 26 weeks with you great guys!

  3. Great choice and introduction to the letter Z, Roger! Because I'm out of my regular comfort zone (Pacific) and in my vacation zone (England) I won't be participating this week. I'm looking forward to the new round beginning and hope to chime in by the time letter B rolls around.

  4. Great to be a part of the ABCW Zone, Roger :)

  5. Zone is a great word and who is better in explaining what a zone can mean than you, Roger. I live in the time zone east from the UK. We are an hour earlier than England. and nine or eight hours later than Australia.

  6. One of the rare Zones where people show a lot of ZEAL and ZEST !!


  7. A great post! Enjoying thoroughly this creative journey with all of you. Looking forward to the new beginning!

  8. nice post :) waiting for next week :)

  9. Sometimes when you travel to another continent you go back to the future !

  10. At the ZOO, looking at ZEBRAS and ZEBUS, ZEBRA FINCHES, ZORILLAS, and ZEBRAFISH. Not to mention the koalas catching a few ZZZZZZs

  11. Great post. I'm always amazed at the creative way alphabet ideas are incorporated into the text. My deep appreciation goes to the Zoetic volunteers who keep this meme going and to Mrs. Nesbitt, who started the ball rolling.

  12. You are in your zone on this post...have a great week!