Monday 14 December 2015

Introduction W.

 I introduce this letter because  my maiden name starts  with W. I saw Roger do this game, when the G was having its turn.

1.Family name? Wouters! This is also my maiden name. In the Netherlands the family name of the husband comes first, followed by the maiden name of the married lady. In my case it'll be:"Francois-Wouters".

2 First name? Wilhelmina. At the time when I was born we had a Queen Wilhelmina,  I was not named after her but after my grandmother.

3 An animal?A wolf, spelled the same way in Dutch and English.

4.A boy’s name:Wim ( short for Willem, which is William in English)

5 A girl’s name:Wil, Wendy, Winny, Wanda,etc...

6. An occupation?:A watchmaker, a weaver....

7. A color?White...

8 Something you wear? Wellingtons

9. A beverage? Whiskey

10. A food?Water-melon

11. Something found in bathroom?Warm water  (same spelling in Dutch or English),a wash basin.

12. A town? Washington

13. A flower? Wistaria

14. A country? Wales, a Celtic country in the United Kingdom

If you join us, please show us a photo, poem or article beginning with W, and mention this meme in your post or in the sidebar. We like to welcome you in our bloggingcompany.



  1. This is fun - should I use J for maiden name? C for first husband's name? or E for second husband's name?

  2. Hi WIL,
    WHAT a WONDERFUL WITTY WELCOMING introduction to 'W', you did very WELL
    to magic so many 'W' WORDS! Truly amazing that I really had to WRACK my
    brains to find a subject of interest, and now the dratted 'W's are rolling
    of my tongue!
    Just looking at your names, your marries name looks French, Is that so?
    My married name begins with 'W' and my grandfather was called WLLIAM!
    That's it now I'm done with W's.
    Best WISHES to you
    Dear WIL,
    ABCW team.

  3. Wat een heerlijke invulling Wil... mooi gedaan ! Leuk om zo iets meer over jou te weten te komen!!

  4. That was a fun introduction to W, Wil! Beautiful photos of that wisteria!

  5. Sorry I haven't visited you all yet. My work email was down during my lunch time. I'll visit this evening! Wil, thanks for stealing my idea!

  6. Love the Wisteria - this is the second house where a previous owner planted them. Such a dreamy flower!

  7. Thanks for the walk-through of your name, Wil.

  8. Beautiful Wisteria. Interesting questionnaire.

  9. Cool! I need to try this type of post next time the letter R comes around. Blessings!

  10. Wonderful introduction from a witty woman! :-)
    My "W" post stands for WATERS of WARRANDYTE!

  11. Interesting W flower, and list.

  12. Wow! Great intro.
    My W is for WARSAW

  13. I love lists and this one tells us a bit more about you, which I like. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous plant!

  14. You have a regal name - Wilhelmina. Those flowers are gorgeous - such a lovely lavender.

  15. I've wondered what Wil is short for. I didn't ever think of Wilhelmina. That's a beautiful name. It's the name of my favorite amateur sleuth, who goes by Helma for short. I like this game. I did it, too, after seeing Roger's post. Happy Holidays!

  16. powerful...............