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Monday 16 March 2015

J is for Jump

ChrisJ asked me this question on my blog, which I'll post here:

"I try to comment on 7 or 8 ABCers but JUST randomly. Do your commenters have a system or are they random too?"

My response, with an addendum:

I assign all the (currently seven) readers to (currently) 12 numbers, 1-12, 13-24. etc. Usually I try to mix up the list so that they get to JUMP around and visit different people, on the (sometimes false) theory that most people post roughly at the same time each week.

Personally, I try to visit everyone who JOINS us in this JOURNEY, eventually (though the last ones might be over the weekend), so that, theoretically, two people from ABCW has visited everyone. I'm trying to keep people from feeling JILTED.

Now the participants should JUMP around and visit as the spirit moves.

We are trying not to have people JUMP through too many hoops, but that I will e-mail folks who, the team has JUDGED, don't mention ABC Wednesday or have an obvious theme. In the worst case scenario, I can JETTISON folks from the Linky roster, but I get no JOY in that.

One last thing: the starting time may get slightly JOSTLED about during these weeks when US Daylight Saving Time and British Summer Time are not JOINED together. It happens for three weeks in March and one in late October.

Let's have some JUMP songs:

Jump - Van Halen, a #1 hit in the US Billboard charts for five weeks in 1984
Jump - Aztec Camera, a cover of the Van Halen song, and a totally different reading

Jump(For My Love) - Pointer Sisters, a #3 hit in the US Billboard charts for two weeks, also in 1984

There are several totally different songs called Jump that have been in the charts, including by Kris Kross (#1 in 1992), Movement (#52 in 1992), Flo Rida with Nelly Furtado (#54 in 2009), Aretha Franklin (#72 in 1976), Loverboy (#101 in 1982), and Madonna (#1054 in 2006).

What else?

Jump Back - Rufus Thomas (#49 in 1964)

Jump into the Fire - Harry Nilsson (#27 in 1972)

Jump Jive An' Wail - The Brian Setzer Orchestra (#23 in 1998), a cover of the classic Louis Prima version

Jumpin Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones (#3 in 1968)



  1. A great, but scary photo! My children once tried to do this and I was terrified!
    Thank you Roger for the introduction! Sorry that I did only two, but we are having a very busy time and I don't see the end of it. It's not dramatic, just very busy.

  2. I just love your justifications of all that the jolly team does to bring us jokers along the journey! Some weeks I jump all around other weeks I'm just a blob of jelly and don't join in the fun. Thank you Roger!

  3. Love the links and the references to "jump" - a great word for a meme. Sometimes, you just have to jump into whatever it is - commit to it, do it as best you can, and know when to jump back out. Have a great week.

  4. Jump is a wonderful word :)
    Have a great week!

  5. Love your J post! You brought several facets of "Jump" into play! Thanks for this great meme...I always enjoy it!

  6. If I were watching the action live in your photo, my heart would most likely stop! Fantastic job on the intro of 'J' for jump! I didn't know there were so many songs using your word.

  7. I always visit everyone who has the same digit in the one's place as mine does when I link on to ABC Wednesday. If there's someone I've developed a blogging friendship with, I usually comment on their blog as well. In addition, I always reciprocate by leaving comment on their blog, to whomever comments on my post. Happy jumping ABC Wednesday, and have a marvelous St. Patrick's day too!

  8. This JOINT of abc Wednesdays is the highlight of my week...thanks so much for providing such a community♪

  9. I enjoy joining this interesting meme and enjoy thinking about what to write about every week! I look forward to joining every week and I love jumping through all the other linkies. Thanks so much for the awesome job that you do everyweek :D

  10. Great question from Chris. I'd actually wondered how many blogs each of you visit. You've got quite a task if you visit ALL of them.
    That picture is truly scary.

  11. Jumping Jehoshaphat! A jolly good post.
    My "J" stands for JAIPUR India.

  12. My "J" is a Jabiru over Jacarandas!
    Thanks for hosting, as always an interesting introduction.

  13. Cool post. How about "The Joint is Jumping" by Fats Waller? :-)