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Tuesday 24 November 2015

T is for Tease

It's that TIME again.

When I get to TEASE you with a sneak preview of the design for next round's badge.

I'm being terribly selfish this round and going with something near and dear to me.

Many of you know I was in a serious industrial accident ten years ago.

 After years of rehab and physical therapy I was able to return to work this year driving a TRUCK.

 Since the number 18 makes me think of TRUCKING, I wanted to do something for round 18 that paid a TRIBUTE to the men and women around the world who work long hard hours to bring us the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the toys we enjoy, and the food we eat.

 Additionally, as Roger pointed out to me, many people start driving at the age of 18, or start their own adventures heading out into the world, so this is a nod to the freedom of 18 as well.

Keep on TRUCKING, ABC Wednesday! 18 and rolling on.

 Now that you've seen my TEASE, It's your turn.

 What did the letter T inspire you to blog about this week?


  1. Hi Troy

    Although i don't know what happened to you.... i can relate to years of therapie, having been paralised many times during the last 36 years after i broke my back at the age of 16 ... Your tribute is well earned to all of those people !!

    So.... Big thumbs up for you and your intro today !!

  2. Hi Troy! I admire the way you handle the accident you had and the fact that you worked hard on your recovery. Thank you for creating fantastic badges for every round.
    T inspired me to find out what the word "Tale"actually means.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  3. Great intro and tease, Troy! How wonderful that you could return to work after your accident and rehab! I'm thankful for truckers who bring those great goods to a store near me! Fun logo!

  4. Troy the Trucker has a certain 'ring' to it, don't you think.?
    Sorry to learn of you accident and I am so glad for you that you are recovering well.
    I love the new logo and the themes behind it, most inventive.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  5. I love the logo for the upcoming round. Happy Thanksgiving Day! #12

  6. THANKS, TROY for your TERRIFIC logo.

  7. Fantastic new logo - especially with all the meaning behind it. Glad that you have recovered so well. Having been there , I know it can be a long haul.

  8. Excellent choices for the logo and thanks for the tease. - Margy

  9. Thanks for hosting, and the tremendous logo!
    "T" stands for TRAVEL TUESDAY!

  10. Your tease was very tasteful! Thanks for hosting.
    My "T" is for TE ANAU CAVES in New Zealand

  11. Thanks for hosting!
    T for Talinn in Estonia

  12. Very nice!
    I might add that 18 is the most auspicious number in Jewish culture. The Hebrew letter chet has a numerical value of 8 and yod is 10. Yod chet spells CHAI, which means life. So 18 always means life.

  13. I like the new badge! Once upon a time I wanted to be a big-rig truck driver. If I was given the chance, I'd be willing to give it a try, as long as it's day driving. :-)

  14. That's a cute badge. Yay to the 18th round.

  15. happy Monday.
    lovely T word.