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Tuesday 25 January 2011

B is for Batman

It occurred to me that Batman and the ABC Wednesday BLOG have quite a few things in common. No, really.

ABC Wednesday BATTLES the midwinter (or midsummer) BLUES and BLAHS, with a BOUNTY of BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT, and BOAST-WORTHY BLOGPOSTS.

BATMAN worked largely alone, or with Robin, though, eventually, he sometimes BANDED together with the Justice League.
ABC Wednesday BEGAN as a solo project of Mrs. Nesbitt, but now she has BROUGHT together a BATTALION of folks to write these BUBBLY intros and visit each participant: Cheryl, Donna, Gattina, Helen, Joyce, Leslie, Natalie, Sylvia, Troy and me (Roger).

Comic BOOK fans argue what company's heroes are the BEST, BATMAN's DC, Marvel or some other group. I may be BIASED, but I think ABC Wednesday is, in the words of Tina Turner - BORN Anna Mae BULLOCK - Simply the BEST.

BTW, we BESEECH that you link to the specific post ( rather than the general blog ( That way, people can BETTER go BACK and see what BODACIOUS posts you and your BLOGGING BUDDIES have BEGAT!

Tuesday 18 January 2011

A is for Arrival!

Welcome Aboard! This is your Captian speaking! May I take this opportunity on behalf of The ABC Team to welcome you aboard on the next round of ABC Wednesday. We will be flying at a speed that will wisk you off you feet as we touch down in many distant lands, taking in many of the cultural tresures many which will take your breath away.. 
At all times, if there is anything the team can assisit you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Now ladies and gentlemen sit back and prepare yourself yor take off!
Round 8 of ABC Wednesday is taking off!

Tuesday 11 January 2011


This letter of the alphabet denotes one thing -
Are you going to scream or are you going to sing?
Are you game for the next eighth round
or are you grabbing for your coat & homeward bound?
The round has brought challenes for many here
and for all your efforts lets have a "Three Cheers!"
We have fun each Wednesday - there's no denying
and we really appreciate all your work and trying
From the obscure, the funny, the simply outstounding
you bring us your best, always resounding!
So dear bloggers I ask Is it a yes or is it a No?
Are you on board for the next part of the show?

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Yonder lies the Y

Why a Y?  the yak might ask. 
Do you need to go to Yuma or the Yukon? 
Once I was a Yankee in Yugoslavia, I replied.

Do you celebrate the Yuletide with a lovely Yorkshire pudding?
Did a yeoman bring your Yule log from a lowly Yew tree cutting?
Did the new year make you yawn
Or yell, yikes! Where’s the time gone?

Did you yodel in your youth
Or yelp and yowl much when attempting yoga?
Did you ever yearn to be a yuppie?                             
Or a Yevgeni Yevtushenko?

Yield! cried the yak.
Cease and desist the yakety yak!
Like Yeats, I could not do without it.

I certainly couldn't yabber in New Zealand,
Nor yearn for Yiddish in New York,
nor yammer on about the yahoos and the yokels anywhere.
So I vote yea! Without a Y, I could not dare to be a yak!