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Tuesday 27 November 2012

T is for two intros.

T is for turkeys and tarantulas. It's about ticklish turtles and tubby toads as well as talkative toddlers.

T is for a tall tyrannosaurus tumbling on a trampoline while sipping tea.

T is for giving thanks.


T is the letter for Today.

From trials and tribulations to triumphs and treasures, our lives are filled with both good and bad things that start with T.

So what T's were a part your life today?

Did you travel to another town?

Take a picture of a turtle with a telephone?

 Make a trip to the Emergency room at Two AM?
Tie a line on your fishing pole?

Take a nap?

See a wild turkey and try to talk to it, using a turkey call ?

Get your truck muddy?

Tie down a tarp?

Trip a breaker?

Take a Toddler to Task?

Those are all things I have done in the last Twenty-four hours. (I took the picture with my telephone, it wasn't a turtle with a telephone.)

I wonder what Tomorrow will bring?

Only Time will Tell...


Tuesday 20 November 2012

S is for...

Ideas for S's are SLOWLY developing in my SLUGGISH brain, but my SYNAPSES are not SENDING SIGNALS throughout my nervous SYSTEM as SWIFTLY as I'd like.  Instead of pondering this SAD SITUATION, I invite y'all to SEND and post SUBSTANTIAL and SUPERIOR SNAPSHOTS for this week's theme.  No doubt, you will all rise to the challenge and post SINGULAR and SIGNIFICANT images and SCENES.  Treat the rest of us to SOMETHING SPECIAL!  SO STEP- RIGHT up and dazzle us with your SELECTION! I'll START by SELECTING this SHOT of a STEAM engine in Cuba.


Tuesday 13 November 2012

R is for Right to Vote

The Election is over in the United States and we aRe moRe than Ready to move foRwaRd? Even though Republican Running mates Romney and Ryan did not win the Race, I am hopeful that our countRy will eventually find its way to a conseRvative RecoveRy. I was pleasantly suRpRised that the State of West Virginia went Red this time. I am veRy pRoud that our state is not divided like some states. I just wish that we could lose the electoRal college and come up with a betteR pRocess.

Did you exercise your right to vote?

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Q is for.......Question.

What makes ABC Wednesday so much fun? Answer YOU! Yes YOU reading this now.....

Did you know we are approaching the end of the current round and are making plans for the next round? And want to involve You! Yes YOU reading this now.

We want volunteers to help with the weekly introduction - just like I am doing now - a few words to draw in the wonderful people who contribute every week -

wonderful people like you yes YOU reading this now.

Think about it and if you could manage it we would be overjoyed - we need your help!

We could give a set of QUESTIONS for you to answer - fun type nothing heavy if you have any QUESTIONS you feel would be fun to add to our list please e-mail myself -

and I will circulate with the ABC Team.

Think about it.......You yes YOU reading this right now.