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Tuesday 29 October 2013


 Perhaps a pumpkin would be more perfect for "P" but that would be too obvious and too pedestrian.  Instead Protective Vests for police dogs would be more pertinent.  Recently a combined demonstration and fund raiser to get more money to buy these vests for Twin City metropolitan police dogs was held in our neighborhood.  Because some of these loyal and hardworking canines have been seriously injured (some have died) by criminals with knives and other deadly weapons, protective vests are essential.  The purchase price is costly. . . $950.00.

A wonderful young man, Jim, a beautician at Euphoria arranged for the demonstration and the Salon donated yummy snacks and refreshments as well as a silent auction, and a raffle for 6 hair appts. Jim donated 5% of his income that day toward the purchase of a vest(s). Patrons were generous and the result was fantastic.  If you  would like to learn more about this national effort and to make a tax deductable donation go here. .  .  . PRONTO!



Monday 21 October 2013

O Oh

"Eyes open little lambkins"  said Mrs Sheep - "and stop looking in the other direction Otilie" she added officiously.
"What's occurring" queried the ever alert Oona" 
"OK I'll be concise" replied Mrs Sheep, "I want you to be at optimum alert for observing no ordinary occurrence"
"What?"  the lambkins chorused, overcome with curiosity.
"Oh I'm overjoyed, look -  here it comes now..."

The letter O...

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Time to add your O word and see other unique and original entries for the 15th letter of the alphabet:

Tuesday 15 October 2013


Welcome back to N week at ABC Wednesday!  I thought I'd combine this introduction with my own post about my "neighbourhood" of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. Some of the floating homes along the south arm of the Fraser River in my village of Ladner are called “Canoe Pass” and use the river as their personal street. It’s located in rural wetlands across from Westham Island near the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, which is surrounded by a wide variety of wildlife all year round. This photo was taken on April 15, 2012, around 6:30 pm with my Olympus SP-800UZ camera and dedicated to my daughter who had come along with me on a spontaneous photo safari when we spotted them.  This photo was featured on Red Bubble's "Nautical" group and was a top 10 winner in the Street Scenes Challenge in the "Canadian Artists & Art" group.
So be nimble and navigate your way over to see not too numerous photos of one of the niftiest areas in the northwest part of the world.  Also, have a nice week and be a noteworthy neighbour.  Also, be sure to nip over to others' posts and add your own noble (not naughty) comment there.  But before you do this, leave a note and tell us the nicest thing about your neighbourhood.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

M is for Meme

Maybe you're happy

Maybe you're sad.

Maybe you're good

Maybe you're bad.

Maybe you're feeling on top of the world

Maybe your day is yet to unfurl.

However you're feeling do say hello

Introduce yourself just before you go.

We see you posting week after week

We admire your posts, your expert technique.

To get the ball rolling "Hi I'm Denise -

I keep hens and dogs I've even kept geese.

I am from Yorkshire, in the UK

I do hope you'll have a really good day!"

Off I now go to get ready at great speed

for the wonderful posts we so love to read.