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Tuesday 28 December 2010


Welcome, friends, both old and new. We're glad you found us!

Now that ABC Wednesday has moved to this new home, I guess we can say that the old one is an eX blog! However, I'm sure this new place will be eXtra special, and I know all of you will make it eXtremely welcoming and an eXciting place to be.

So, without overtaXing yourselves, let's see what you can all eXtrapolate from this eXtraordinarily difficult letter. Dig deep into your leXicographical storage and let's see what you can eXtricate from your memory and eXtract from the 24th letter of the alphabet - the letter 'X'!

I know this letter isn't easy, but I'm sure you'll all find something noteworthy to share - a photo, a treasured object, maybe a street sign or a plant with an interesting botanical name? Go on - eXperiment!

Jay from the Depp Effect


  1. It's nice to start the New Year (even if we are still in the old one) with a new blog !
    I am sure I will enlarge my X word vocabulary !

  2. Sorry, LOL.. I had a senior moment, I selected the wrong button. Some days are diamonds, and some days are coal.

  3. Happy New Year ahead! Thanks for letting us all know about the move.

  4. Happy ABC Wednesday and Happy New Year to all the ABC Wednesday participants. :-)

  5. Wishing all the ABC team and participants an extra special New Year:)

  6. That's a great welcome, Jay. Happy new year to you and all.

  7. Happy New Year to all of you at ABC Wednesday. You know I love your meme ;-)
    What I didn't know until the informative moving email- you guys have a comment section. duh.

  8. sorry for the double link! Somehow I linked back to abc wednesday instead of to my blog! Please take out the first one - the second one is correct.
    Sorry for the trouble!
    Happy wednesday everyone & Happy New Year too.
    : )

  9. Happy New Year ABC Wednesday participants.. New Year New Home... :D

  10. We linked late today. Hopefully, you will have time to visit!

  11. Finally made it over here. Wishing a Happy New Year to everyone!

  12. Dear Denise,
    Thank you for reminding me of the change of site-address in your comment on last week's post. I am here, as you see, and got here a little earlier than last time!
    Happy New Year! Hope 2011 will be a very good one for you!
    Purrs & soft paw,
    Sara Cat

  13. Many thanks for the informative moving e-mail and HAPPY NEW YEAR!