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Tuesday 27 December 2011

X for X-MAS & XXIV !!

Welcome to the XXIV post of this season!!  I am Xtremely Xcited to greet you all after X-MAS
even though the celebration still continues as Xpected. Hope you had an Xhilarating  time with your family and the blessings also spreads to the X's in this blessed season ;) I am not xactly and technically correct with the letter today but then I am not a Xynophobic either. I am not that smart to pursue Xylology however, so  if u wanna talk to me then hop on aboard, at your own risk of course.  On the bright side I am quite normal and not in the an X-Men category either...

Today's letter also reminds me of my all time magician hero Mandrake whose dream home was called Xanadu. However Xanadu is also a 1980 romantic musical fantasy film written by Marc Reid Rubel and directed by Robert Greenwald. Too much of information perhaps??? Xactly !! Lets chk ur Xciting posts and as you would Xpect its gonna be visited by us obviously

I have been having an Xtreme time till now and do not plan to stop. Hmm by the way is it getting too Xeric in here or is it just me?? Let me Xpedite the process of removing my thirst immediately... The "spirits" await me ;)

Merry X MAS Folks and a very Xciting      HAPPY NEW YEAR


Let X Be the Unknown


Naming something "X" makes it not only cooler, but more mysterious.
The fact that X represents a single unknown, generic value in mathematical equations may be partly responsible for this fact.

From Planet X to Project X. From Generation X, to Brand X, for years, we have used X to identify something that we couldn't really quantify.

X stood for mystery, challenge and the unknown.

But way back before that, X had a much simpler meaning.

In Roman Numerals, X represents the number 10.

Why is this significant you ask?

Because as we near the end of round nine and prepare to begin round 10, I have been given the rare privilege once again, of devising a logo or badge to represent this blog in the next round.

So, without further ado, allow me to unveil the badge/logo for Round 10.

Display it proudly on your sidebars, or include it on your ABC Wednesday posts.

It is available under the Badge heading in various sizes.

It is now, no longer the unknown.

We have solved for X.



  1. Great new badge and post. Looking forward to round 10 and wishing you a very happy 2012!

  2. Great introduction for the letter X and I love the new logo. Happy New Year ahead!

  3. i like the new badge :) xxl greeting

  4. Happy holidays, everyone! Great intros and new badge!

  5. Cheers to you, too! And I love the new logo for ABCW - very mod...

  6. Am so proud of ABC Wednesday - to see the talented people here, involved - as part of the team and the contributions - lovely lovely people! happy new year to you all.
    ABC Team

  7. Xtremely xciting, as xpected! Happy New Year!

  8. Hello friends. Happy Holidays!
    Thanks Pheno & Troy for hosting this, the final ABC Wednesday of 2011. The new badge is awesome!

    I had to dig deep into my poet's imagination to come up with something exciting for "X"

    Have a great week everyone & see you next year!

    Xanadu: This Lush, Tropical Garden

  9. Well, we're a City Daily Photo Site. For Round 8, we did streets of Greensboro. For Round 9 people. Having a THEME for the ABC meme adds a HUGS level of commitment to finding just the right post. We're trying to decide what to do for round 10.

    Love the Round 10 Badge. Hope your diligent and ever-faithful stopping by blogs continues. The ABC crew is AMAZING!

  10. "Xcelling" at scrabble we are...

    However: there's no such word as xynophobia.
    Try xenophobia, says Dorin The Romanian-American.

    As a naturalized citizen, I have encountered it. :)

    Happy New Year!