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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Denise, here, mrs nesbitt, that's me
proud to be part of Team ABC
with a question for all the ABC crowd
let me hear your answers - shout it loud!

What will YOUR decision be for Z?? here in UK  pronounced zed)
Are you calling it a day and going back to bed?

Or will you take the challenge of a brand new day
and shout Round 10 is here...hip hip hooray?

Will you  illustrate intently your ZEST for life
and comment on others midst your troubles and strife?

Will you go the extra mile and share something appealing?
That will have us in awe, hanging from the ceiling?

If you're aboard for the next round
Do you fancy a step  in an effort to expound?
We like to pride ourselves with our introductions
Infact we see it as a type of seduction!
If you fancy introducing a letter
Just let us know - it couldn't be better!
What ever your fancy whatever you choose
Just let us know - we appreciate your views!

Enough of this rambling there's work to do...
it's ABC Wednesday so over to YOU!


  1. Yes! You're stuck with me for another round! Already know what A-G, I, and P are!

  2. Love the Pizzazz in this post!

  3. No, I shall continue
    be it old, be it new!
    I had been thinking of ZED
    in a sleepless night in my bed.
    Zorro came up in my mind,
    that's the only word I can find.

  4. I'm just outta bed
    To post my Zed
    And reassure you
    I'm ready to do
    Any week that you choose.

    (that's the best I can do just outta bed!) lol

  5. Great introduction to the letter Z.

  6. WOW! Z and ThiZ iZ the cutieZt poZt of all! I'll be back to play Zooon!

  7. This post shows a lot of Zeal. Whee another round starts again....


  8. A grand finale to Round 9, Denise! Thanks for keeping this Zany meme going!

  9. You are at the zenith with your zed entry, Mrs. N!
    See you in round 10 with bells on!

  10. Hello.
    Nice introduction Denise.
    Looking forward to sampling these "Z's".

    Have a great week ahead everyone.

    Zealous For Your Love

  11. Zed, we call it too in India
    Bed, I like the idea!

  12. My cats at least would choose the zzzz !

  13. I am a product of British and US, I was taught ZED, but with influence of American, the ABC song ends with xyZee,

    my school doesn't like too much American. We are a YES school, not ye, yup.

  14. zooming

  15. That's a load of Z's, Denise!

    Yeah for Round 10!!

  16. Lots of cool Zs...Zsa Zsa Gabor?

    I spent nice childhood summer vacations here: "Zvoriştea is a commune located in Suceava County, Romania. It is composed of eight villages: Buda, Dealu, Poiana, Slobozia, Stânca, Stâncuţa, Şerbăneşti and Zvoriştea."