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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Q and Hamlet.

Unbelievable , but we've arrived at one of the most difficult letters of the alphabet: the Q.

queue or not to queue that is the question! I raise a query here! Does this quaint quotation qualify as being quickly and quietly questioned by the quarrelsome son of Queen Gertrud? He was never in Queensland, never travelled with Qantas, never saw a large quantity of Quinkan Rock Art of high quality.

Quite questionable
if he ever played quarter notes in a quartet of queers. He never read a quarterly, never answered a quiz, but the quintessence was: he was quite quizzical , quippish and quick-tempered.

By signing in to ABC Wednesday you acknowledge, that you have read the rules and agree to follow them. Please find a photo or a word which refers to the letter Q.

Let's thank Mrs. Nesbitt who created this fun meme! Thanks Denise.

Kind regards from Reader Wil.


  1. A truly quixotic post! Well done, Wil!!!


    I would have become this if I hadn't snapped out of it and written a poem!

  3. unquestionably half of a quarter note is a quaver.Have joined the queue this time around - thanks and Happy ABC

  4. Wil you are indeed the QUEEN of the week with such QUITE an introduction! I am speechless - itself QUITE rare! lol!

  5. Quite a quintessential Q post! Happy Week!


    mine is all one queue.

  7. Wow Wil, I think you covered all the Q words here hehehe. Nice!

  8. Quickly qualifying quirky Q's... what fun! Have a great week all!

  9. I should have waited and seen the list of all the Q words you have here..
    great list of ideas on here!!! mine is so strange....

  10. You mixed my Q work...Don Quixote. :) I'm just glad I'm being original (although I do have the word quest in there...)

  11. Fantastic job with your Hamlet sequel. Thanks for stopping by

  12. Hello.
    WoW! What an introduction. Who knew "Q" could be so much fun! Nice one Wil!

    The Qualities Of Love

  13. Q is not an easy one, especially after so many rounds!

    Great job!

  14. A quirky take on Hamlet - quite entertaining. To queue or not to queue - yep, my post's queued!

    my Q is for

  15. Hi
    I am unable to share my Q- theme this week. Any problems on site?
    here is the link though:

  16. I used the letter "Q," to express "Thick Quill-ed Thoughts."

    Thank you ABC Team!