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Saturday 14 July 2012

Round 11 is coming!

It's time to for you to get your new badge for the next round of ABC Wednesday. Check our badges page if you want one a a bit smaller or larger than the one below.

PLEASE tell others about ABC Wednesdays. Arthur@AmeriNZ plugged us in his recent podcast (starting about 17:08, for 4 minutes) AND in his blog.

Would you like to become part of the ABCW team? This involves visiting 10 people per week while leaving comments; letting me know if the links to the posts don't work or if someone has posted something not in keeping with the ABC Wednesday meme; and writing one or two intros over the 26-week period. Please e-mail me at rogerogreen(at)gmail(dot)com, if you are interested.

Also, someone asked: "I gather the posting time will be the same?" Yes, 4 p.m., Tuesday, Nesbitt time, which I guess they use elsewhere in England as well. See what time it is where you are. It'll be 11 a.m. Tuesday in the eastern part of the US, where I am, most weeks, but it gets an hour off when the US goes to Daylight Saving Time before the UK goes to British Summer Time, et al.


  1. Count me in, Roger. (Not as one of the team, I'm not ready for that, but as a participator.) I'm assuming we go straight in to letter A this week with no break between rounds. Looking forward to learning more each week.

  2. Hi Roger
    ABC theme has always been so much fun for me. I joined in towards end of round 9, messed up in last 3 sessions of round 10 and am back again on track now.
    All Set for the new ..

  3. Roger, really enjoy this meme, and as Chris said, learn to much from all the participants. I'm going to try to be better this round in visiting. I usually visit quite a few, but can't commit to being on the team this round...but I'm in as a participant...

  4. Interesting. Thank you for visiting, Lu

  5. Great stuff Roger...all set!

  6. Roger, I wouldn't mind joining your team; however, what happens when one is away from the computer? I will be visiting Cuba from October 14-21st and will not be available online during that time. Please advise. Many thanks. Kate

  7. Kate- there are always people who will be away a week or two at a time. Even I'll be away one week this summer. If we know ahead of time, we work around it.