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Monday 23 December 2013

Introducing the most difficult letter of the alphabet!! The X

The X is always considered to be a letter, but it's more. It is a number in Roman arithmatic. It's a multiplication sign in our arithmatic. It represents a whole word like in xoxox at the bottom of a letter, and sometimes it is as good as a signature.

It also represents an instrument of execution like the Saint Andrew cross.

A paper-knife

It can also be a decoration or an ornament in one of our domestic utensils.

Norwegian bridal spoon

What did it mean on the sail of theSanta Maria of Christoffel Columbus? At least I think this caravel on the photo is his ship.

If you take part in this game:

1 please use the letter X in a photo, or in a poem, a story...whatever,

2 and refer to the founder of this meme:Mrs. Denise Nesbitt and Roger who took over from her.Or show the logo of this meme in your post, or (like I do) in the sidebar.

Don't forget these two conditions !! 

See you my friends, 

Wil, ABCW Team



  1. Great post for the letter X. Happy Christmas!

  2. Your ABC Wednesdays are always so informative, and this one is no X-ception. I used a well-known 20th century musician, even though I'm pretty sure Roger has mentioned him before, but as much as Roger and I both love 20th century music, we do have a different point of view.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Wil, and that the year 2014 is good to you. Let's keep in touch!
    Love and hugs, K

  3. Not many people participating this round. X on Xmas is tough! Thank you for a great round. As we skid to the end of the alphabet, I'm pondering my theme for the next round.

  4. Learned a few things from your post today. Very interesting.

  5. Thank you all and I wish you all a very great 2014! And, as Kay Davies said:" Let's keep in touch!"