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Tuesday 18 February 2014

F is For...

Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

Most people credit Andy Warhol for inventing the phrase "Fifteen minutes of Fame." although photographer Nat Finkelstein claimed that he was the one who said it first, to Andy.  Nevertheless, in the sixties, and in the days before the internet and reality TV, it meant something different than it means today.

German Art Historian  Benjamin H. D. Buchloh explained the Fifteen Minutes of Fame theory like this: 
The systematic invalidation of the hierarchies corresponds directly to the belief that the hierarchy of subjects worthy to be represented will someday be abolished, hence "anybody", and therefore "everybody," can be famous once that hierarchy dissipates,  and by logical extension of that, in the future, everybody will be famous, and not merely those individuals worthy of fame.

Um... Yeah... OK...

I'm sure he may have been right, assuming anyone knows what he actually said there...

But in todays' world,

a world of  You Tube and Justin Bieber,

of The Voice, American Idol, and MXC,

of Who Wants to Be The Next Mutligazillion Dollar Celebrity in Rehab (Ok, I just made that one up)

and Crash the Superbowl Doritos' Contests,

It appears as if just about anyone can be Famous for a brief period of time.

So now, it's your turn, it's your Fifteen minutes.

Be Famous:

Show us what you have.


Hey, our next round is fifteen....

Do I feel an inspiration for the next logo coming up?



  1. ABC Wednesday is a lovely way to hone your writing skills. Look forward to every Tuesday for the grid to open :) So happy to be here!

  2. ABC Wednesday is fun, educational and a great way to meet people of other cultures.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  3. Great introduction to the letter F. Cheers, Carver

  4. Sheesh! I was beginning to think either I'm brain-dead tired this morning or I'm just plain brain-dead...that is, until you added "assuming anyone knows what he actually said there." Anyway...I may not be first (Roy) but I am having fun here! Great intro...

  5. Speaking of Fifteen Minutes of Fame my post features the Super Bowl champs and I'm with Leslie happy that you added the "assuming" line after that quote!

  6. I have strong doubts that that quote will prove true for me. :)

  7. You forgot to mention blogging, which has brought fame to people like the Pioneer Woman who now has a cooking show on the Food Network. We may be next…he, he, he. Blessings!

  8. I agree with Arnoldo, maybe some of us will be famous one day ! lol !

  9. So true, with the YouTube, the Internet and social media, it just takes one enlightened (or stupid) post/status to be famous. I thought i'm the only one who did not get what Benjamin Buchloh was saying, lol! :)

  10. Hi. Thanks for sharing.. I took a photo which name would start from F. Thank you for hosting.

  11. I love the new system for adding the link. It is MUCH more user friendly! Thank you!

  12. Fantastic , fun and fab is ABC Wednesday

  13. Interesting information. Just found your link up...I like the idea. Very creative!

  14. The world is going so fast now that we have more like 15 seconds of fame. ;)

  15. Great intro! Thank you for hosting:)

  16. Sorry for the late reply! That was a cool opening for last week's post. :D