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Monday 23 June 2014

Introduction of X !

A real Dutch X

resting position

Those among you who regularly play scrabble, know how difficult it is to use the letter X, especially if you want to use it initially. Here are a few words beginning with X. I have to look up the translation of most of them. I think I shall look up just one and try to write about it in my post and leave the rest to you! ;)

x out, xanthophyll, xanthous, xanthoxylon, xanthus, xenomania, xenophobia, xerography, xerophagy, xiphias, xiphoid, Xmas, xylem, xylograph, xylolith, xylonite, xylophagous, xylophone, xylophonist, xyster, xyst(us).The choice is yours!!

xxxx !

 I am going to talk about Xiphias, as my previous post was about the whale.

Don't forget to link to ABC Wednesday and to mention the creator of this meme, Denise Nesbitt! 

See you!

Wil, ABCW Team



  1. xcellent xtravaganza, Wil! Thank you for hosting:)

  2. eXtraordinary photo of THE perfect X...

  3. LOL...for some reaso (maybe because I haven't been able to keep up regularly, I thought we were on "Z". Well, post will have to be solid enough to hold up... I do have an "X" mentioned...

    In the meantime, thanks to the awesome ABCWednesday team - and a good week to you all.

  4. I've added some windmills to your collection, one from Canada and one from the U.S.
    X always takes some digging.
    Thank you!

  5. That's an x-traordinary list of words. LOL!

  6. It's one of the tough ones, for sure—but I love to see the different (and creative) interpretations of it. And thanks for the list!

  7. Love the X-citing windmill image.
    From me, a Xoanon!

  8. Xcellent choice of subject! Thanks for hosting.

  9. I've done a windmill post too!...Great minds think alike...

  10. Postcard perfect...Nicely presented♪

  11. Love this photo and will visit your "xiphias" post very soon. I mentioned ABC Wednesday but forgot to thank Denise Nesbitt. I'll definitely make sure to do that from now on. I'm deeply grateful to her, and to you, for this meme.

  12. wow, I am so surprised to see so many entries for that preposterous letter 'X'!

  13. I admit, I struggled through X as well but a challenge is a challenge. I had to look up Xiphias!

  14. Lovely windmill , happy summer, greeting from Belgium here raincame back.