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Monday 28 July 2014

C is a Call to Y'all

The COOL thing about ABC Wednesday is that it is a CONNECTION that CATERS to a wide CIRCUIT of people, not just a narrow CADRE.

It doesn't matter:

* what COUNTRY or CONTINENT you are from

* what your CAREER choice was - CHEF or CHEMIST, CARPENTER or CAB driver, COURIER or CURATOR

* whether you are CAUTIOUS or CAREFREE or CONTRARIAN

* whether you are COOL, CALM and COLLECTED, or CAFFEINATED on COFFEE or COLA

* whether you prefer CLOUDY or CLEAR weather

* whether you prefer CARROTS or CHOCOLATE

* whether you prefer CATS or CANINES

Now we do COUNT on you to CALL on other bloggers, COMMENTING on three or five, or more! It is COMFORTING when someone CELEBRATES your CREATION.

Please keep COMING to visit our COLLECTIVE each week.

You wouldn't want me to CRY, would you?



  1. ABC Wednesday was set up to encourage people new to blogging to share their little piece of the globe with likeminded people. Comments are essential to keep the uniqueness of this project so special. I feel all who contribute should be applauded and encouraged. Keep going people and spend a while to visit others Dxxx

    1. Denise and Roger, the best aspect of the new signin Mr. Linky system is that I am sampling more diverse selections of poets and posters. I admit, I used to go to the familiar names, but now, it's more of a mixed bag. That's a wonderful improvement. Keeps us sharp! Sorry I don't post more, but Roger knows why... Keep Calm and Carry On! Love, Amy

  2. Would never want you to CRY, Roger. Let us CELEBRATE :)
    COOL Post :)

  3. I agree with Mrs. Nesbitt and applaud all those who contribute. I also encourage those who post to visit at least a few other contributors each week in order to get to experience the variety of material, to thank others for their efforts, and to get a taste of other parts of the world. Have a great week, everyone, and thanks Roger!

  4. This is a neat weekly meme - thanks for hosting!
    Please share your photos at the new home for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) at I hope to see you each week!

  5. Roger, such a cornucopia of C words. Thanks for getting us collaborating on C!

  6. I'm caffeinated and I'm going to marry a chemist!

  7. Love being able to participate in this COMMUNITY♪

  8. Every week I curiously await to to peruse and celebrate the posts of this collaborative from around the world. Blessings!

  9. Hi Roger, I always admire your take on every letter you host. This is a valuable opportunity to know a lot about our global well wishers! Thanks!

  10. From Australia, a Country that is also a Continent, here is Canberra, our Capital City, in the Australian Capital Territory. Come over and C!

  11. oh, my, Roger, that is a big COLLECTION!

  12. shared my not so late post for the letter c