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Monday 17 November 2014

S is for Happy Birthday?

This blog is managed by a team that consists of a whole bunch of SERIOUS  hardworking people, and then me (SLACKER).

While everyone else does the hard part, I get the fun part.  Every SIX months, I get invited to design a new logo or badge, to represent the next round.

And so I get to let my mind SPIN wild and free and see where it lands.

The next round will be SIXTEEN.  Can you believe it?  This blog has been going on for SEVEN and a half years and is STILL going STRONG!

In honor of the SIXTEENTH round, I wanted to SING a SONG.

I thought maybe this one:

or this one:

But nothing really say's SIXTEEN like this one: 

As a matter of fact, it's hard for me to hear the word "Sixteen" without mentally adding the word "candles" after it.

So it was only natural that this round's badge would have candles.

It was not without a few challenges that I came up with this, at one point Roger and I discussed whether it would be easier to just bake a cake.

But It would have been hard to share a cake with everyone, so I am calling on each of you to bake a cake, eat a piece and start thinking about things that start with S.

There is still time to make a some changes if I need to.

What does everyone think?



  1. It's SCRUMPTIOUS, Troy! Thanks ever SO much!

  2. If I knew you were coming I would have baked you a cake! lol I'll stop now Troy! Yes what an achievement - it has continued due to teamwork - and what a great team. Thanks so much see you soon (Round 16) Love Denise xx

  3. Happy round sixteen ABCW, good design Troy,

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team (A title I hold with great pride) xx

  4. A great idea! Only I have a confession to make:"I can't bake a cake! I once tried to do it and the result was a very thick pancake."
    You are very creative!

  5. Wonderful logo Troy! Singing along right now...

  6. What a great intro...loved hearing those songs, maybe a cupcake is in store for me, but not a whole cake.Have a sweet week♪

  7. Yes, You have had a great time! Not only in creating the logo, but the post as well. Lots of fun! :-) Thanks!

  8. I like the design very much! Been doing the alphabet with you since April '09 and looking forward to # 16.

  9. Happy Birthday! Sweet Sixteen!
    My "S" is for Melbourne's SOUTHBANK!

  10. Happy Birthday from me as well. Loving this weeks contributions!!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  11. Great job creating the badge! Love the idea of having different languages written on the candles. I liked the songs too. But no cake? I also like cake! :)

  12. Super! Sweet Sixteen! I love the Cake & all these candles too :) Simply Special :)

  13. Oh, my! I LOVE it! Scintillescent and Sagacious!