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Wednesday 21 January 2015


Some Bloggers, me included have several blogs. So when it comes to comments you sometimes have  to do hard and time consuming investigations to find out on which Blog the Blogger wrote for this meme or published pictures.

To make it more complicated when you want to comment you first land on a Google+ page. From there you have to do researches to find the Google+ Blogger's Blog.

You go into "About" on the Google+ page and when you are lucky the Blogger Blog's link is mentioned unfortunately not always. So as a non Google+ member I can't comment and I don't want to be a member.

And then it gets complicated when the Blogger has up to 7 or sometimes 9 blogs ! Which one is the right one ?

When you have time you open the first one only to realize that the blog had never been used. The next one dated from 2006, then followed by others from other years and long forgotten. If you are lucky you find the right Blog where the meme is posted. You feel like Sherlock Holmes after a busy day.

Here are two examples :

Step 1

Step 2

Now tell me on which one do I have to comment ????

Wouldn't it be easier to give the right link to the right Blog in the beginning and also mention it on the Google+ thing ?

suggested by Gattina


  1. I feel your pain...
    From me, a direct link to my Blog where "B" stand for BEACH!

  2. Blogger can be confusing and not all of us use Blogger. I hate it when I go to a site, enjoy the post and can't comment because all they have is google+ Then I come across a blogger site that won't accept my Wordpress account (like yours) and I'm forced to use an old Blogger profile to leave a comment :(

  3. "B" is Brisbane, Australia and the artificial Beach right in the City!
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. I am one of those who have multiple blogs,

    Here's a direct BLUE link

    Have a great Wednesday

  5. Great idea. I'll start doing that.