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Tuesday 14 April 2015

N for Nesbitt & Neighbours

here I am.....Mrs Nesbitt. This photo was taken a couple of days ago, at a fund raising event I had organised. It was a breakfast event where people popped in for a bacon or sausage butty.
People travelled from far and wide - in bad weather to support the event.
Years ago when ABC Wednesday was just an idea I never dreamed that we too would pop in every week and check out what was happening with our neighbours like yourselves scattered around the globe..........but we do, week in week out.....all part of the bigger picture.
Summed up I feel in the words of John Donne.....
"No man is an island entire of itself; every man 
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; "


  1. A beautiful memory of a wonderful coming together of people ready to help others!

  2. It was the best idea so far I know. It is interesting, educational and... I myself like to meet people here in my country, my house and in the countries of our blogging mates. So far I met people from Canada near the windmills, which are nor far from here, people from Greece, the USA and I met Dina in Israel. I learned a lot from you all. I must apologise for my abundant use of WIKIpedia. They know so much more than I and their English is far better than mine.
    Thanks Denise!


  3. Good to see you Mrs N. What a wonderful idea this has proved to be.

  4. Fun photo of you at your successful event! Well done...

  5. Hello Denise,
    I must say how cute you look in your 'Bistro' outfit !
    It is wonderful to have good neighbours, whether it's next door or through the blogosphere.
    ABCW is the 'icing on the cake, and it's all thanks to you Mrs Nesbitt.
    Even though I have only been participating for a reasonably short time I feel that I've made some
    lovely new friends. As you well know I've actually met some of them too, including yourself and
    Leslie from Vancouver, memorable occasions indeed!
    Di. xx
    ABCW team.

  6. Great picture, Mrs. N! You have started something very fun and intresting here.

  7. Hi there -
    I don't have anything to share that would go with your prompt, but you're welcome to link up at our party here:

  8. Denise - Your ABC Wednesday idea has provided me with so much fun over the years. Thanks! - Margy

  9. Yes. ABCW is an awesome initiative and I am so happy to be part of it and meet you all every week :)

  10. That must have been a lot of fun !

  11. Good to see you—and thanks so much for starting this fun meme!

  12. Well I suppose the smiling faces tell it all, you obviously raised enough for your special cause! Lovely

  13. Thank you for hosting and for making it so successful over the years!
    My "N" stands for NIGHT

  14. "I am so very thankful to take part of your ABC Wednesday!

  15. Like everyone, I'm very grateful that you and your friends created ABC Wednesday for us bloggers to meet and mingle. :-)