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Tuesday 8 November 2016

R is for Restoration

Many years ago Jon and I were at an auction when this old lawnmower came under the hammer, I got it for £2. It has been a garden ornament for 20 years but Jon restored it for me....he made a new roller and a new handle, stripped all the metal parts and sharpened the blades. It cuts perfectly!

The lawn is Jon's domain and loves nothing more than to sit on his lawnmower and spend a couple of hours getting the perfect cut - but for small area, or round trees this is perfect. It is a Ransom Henley model.

I am really pleased with the washstand - it has been just an ornamental piece for years, but it too has done well for being restored.

Restoring is certainly the way to go right now - is it the same in other parts of the world?



  1. When we had the former pool area resodded, I gave up the reel mower, alas!

  2. Two great restoration projects. I'd really get quite a workout if I mowed using your restored push mower. It certainly would be quieter. Love the table, too. Yes, restoring or re-using old wood is done a lot right now. Also industrial stuff is trending.

  3. Nice to have your lawn cut with care!

  4. I'm impressed by anyone that can do restorations. Blessings!

  5. Restoration..the way to go right now. So true!
    Well, in my part of the world the neo-rich want everything latest; but then there are sensible lovers of old objects too who preserve their belongings with care over generations, and still others known as sham art lovers who hunt around for replicas/fake vintages..(but still fail to make a style statement)!
    Great post, Mrs. Nesbitt:) Thank you:)

  6. That I call a good bargain and recuperation !

  7. I am all for restoration, reuse and recycling!
    My "R" is for REST and RELAXATION by the RIVER

  8. Reel lawn movers make excellent yard ornaments. Thanks for shaaring.