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Monday 24 April 2017

P for plus

Plus is the sum of a number and the next one(s): Two PLUS two equals four, e.g.

PLUS is a positive quantity: He is a real PLUS to the team.

PLUS is an advantage: Knowing the language is a decided PLUS.

PLUS is something extra: Nat Geo PLUS provides subscribing members "all-access pass for unlimited articles, exclusive ebooks, and streaming films."

PLUS is an indication that the standard of a piece of work is slightly higher than the stated mark: I got B PLUS (B+) for my essay.

PLUS is electrically positive: A battery has both a PLUS pole and a minus pole.

I've been participating with ABC Wednesday for 15-PLUS rounds, covering 7-PLUS years. It has been a real PLUS in my life, where I've been able to "meet" people such as the members of the team and all of you participants. I was going to start naming names, but the list got too long, and some of you would have been nonPLUSSED has I left you off the list.

The number of participants have had their PLUSES and minuses from week to week, but I think it's a PLUS for me to visit each and every one of you. It might take all week, but so be it.

It will be a PLUS to your fellow contributors if you visit one blog on the roster you usually don't follow.



  1. I, for one, will give you an A+ on this post! Well done, my professorial partner in playing!

  2. Ponder-provoking post!
    Perhaps this poem will also be a plus:

    Upsy-Daisy - A pep talk lift to rally swift

  3. Very good post. Thank you for hosting and visiting all of us :)

  4. A wonderful list of true plussed... but I would like to add one

    You are a BIG PLUS to this meme ;-)

  5. Your presence is a definite plus on ABC Wednesday, Roger!
    My "P" stands for POLLY POSSUM OF PARKVILLE.

  6. I realize now that last week I also did a P - sorry about that!

  7. I enjoyed your big plus of a post. :-)

  8. A Particularly Positive Post :)