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Tuesday 8 March 2011

How do you do, H?!

Hello out there!   Helen, here, your herald for H-day.  Don’t mean to hector you or have a hissy fit, but most humbly hope you will hop or hightail it over to the Internet Highway and be a part of a blogger’s hog heaven – the never hypnoid nor hyberbolic, occasionally hysterical, often humorous, always here-for-you ABC Wednesday!  

“Don’t be a hopeless helpless!” my dad would say to us when we whined about something as kids.  So hurry up and find a halo in a photo, a haiku or hobbit’s poem (or your own), a hurricane around your plane, a hat trick from a hockey rink.  Relax, have a highball, and hallelujah! you will cry as ideas hail you from the hallways of your mind.  Happy or hearty, hopeful or helpful, humble or humongous, many H-words abound, even if you ‘ave to drop your haitches when you say them.*

*In hatching this intro for H-day, I was caught up in the debate in the UK about how to pronounce our letter of the day and found these recent additions to a “heated” debate that lovers of language might well enjoy:

  • 'Haitch' or 'aitch'? How do you pronounce 'H'?
David Sillito, BBC arts correspondent, interviews people on how they pronounce several words and H.

  • Why I ate the Haitch mob
We cannot let the gentle aitch be hounded out of the spoken language by its harsher cousin …..

  • Benign haitches 
In Northern Ireland, the way you pronounce the eighth letter of the alphabet can reveal your background …


  1. Can you change the background on this post? It probably only effects those (about 10% of the population) with degrees of colour-blindness but the links are practically invisible.

  2. and how come the inLinkz says it'll be open on MARCH 14 @ 6AM? LOL!

  3. Am trying to post, but it doesn't seem to be ready?

  4. Anyone know what's happening -- or not happening with the site today????


  5. Ditto here, same question. H post ready to link in. Hope all is well at ABCW.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. I'm Happy and Hoppin' to Link in.

  7. The site is okay here Sylvia, but the link is not open yet! By the way,I like the blue, it's adorable!
    Hey the BBC video is COOL.You know, I'm studying French here in Luxembourg in the National Institute of Languages, there are students from all over the world, and for sure even in French, different accents!

  8. I think someone need to edit the inLinkz collection and change the date.

  9. I see that the notice says link will be ready to be submitted on March 14 at 6AM
    Perhaps that's why we can't post our H submissions yet.

  10. The linky thingy is not working and the colour blue and purple I cannot read.
    Jane x

  11. I am on the case peoples - changed the colour now attending to the Linky business! Hang in there peoples!

  12. All is sorted peoples - post away!

  13. Great post for the letter H. I not only pronounce the H in words that start with the letter H, I have to try really hard when singing not to add an H that isn't there.

  14. Can hardly believe that it's Wednesday again ~ wishing you all a happy week!

  15. Thanks, Helen, for your happy and educational intro.

  16. Huge, High, Happy, Healthy, Hip and Happening H Hopping in today! Hugs, Hearts and Hopes, Hee-Haw and Hahaha...

  17. Luckily I was late - so everything on this site was ready. Thanks for this wonderful inspirational site.

  18. Ho Ho Ho!

    Have a good Wednesday everyone :)

  19. Happy Wednesday. Hopefully, it will be a happy day.

  20. haha, happening Hs! Have a hip hoping hellos with your bloggers.

  21. It's always a fun challenge to create meaningful sentences with given words.

    In Romanian, HAI [pronounced as in the English HI] means various things.
    There should be some diacritical signs, but the font is unavailable here:
    and many others...:)

  22. Hi Hellen Thanks for hosting. have a happy H

  23. I never knew there was a controversy on how to pronounce "aitch"?

  24. Why is the collectioc closed? I did not get to post mine and I am most disappointed! Here it is anyway...

  25. oops - as is my usual Habit lately - I missed the cutoff and the linky thingy is closed ...
    and I Had been planning to post a Humungous post with Heaps of images of Huge Hairy Huntsman spiders... However I might have to save that for next time we get up to the letter H - Horrible of me, I know :-)
    I could have tried to throw a Heap of photos into a post in a Hurry ... but I Have to save it for later - so Heaps of people get to see my Huge pile of Hairylegs Happy snaps - LOL
    besides - I Have to work in the morning and it is Half past 11 at night ... so I Hunted around and found something I Had Hanging around as a draft (in this case not Half written, but ready to go as it was ;-)
    if you want to Have a look - it is Here: