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Tuesday 1 March 2011

G is for Gateux!

This week's introduction is over to Gattina - who will be along shortly with a GREAT intro!

I start to believe that I get "gateux" or "gaga" which means in English "doddering - geriatric" because I forgot our precious Wednesday's ABC introduction. I had put it on Wednesday which means Tuesday in some countries and of course Sir Google's galender (German accent) didn't jump into my eyes on the right day. The only thing I ask you : Please don't compare me with Lady Gaga, I am not yet doddy. I prefer to stay a Gattina which means Kitten in Italian.


  1. Gee (;-)), I love Wednesdays :-)

  2. Hope you are having a gorgeous week;o)

  3. Hello dear Gattina!
    So nice to play G, in this meme!
    Thanks a lot!
    Now...time to have fun visiting our friends here.

  4. Wishing you all a great week ahead!

  5. He he he! I prefer you to lady Gaga too;o)

    Have a great day****

  6. I had a gut feeling that Lady Gaga would be mentioned today.
    Hope everyone is grand!

  7. nice intro Gattina! I love the translation of your name.
    Have a great week everyone, & thanks Denise.
    : )

  8. Happy Wednesday everyone! Cheers from sunny Dubai

    My entry is here

  9. Happy Wednesday to all... Here, this is my first time here.. Hope to see you guys taking the time to read what I wrote.. :)

    My very first attempt thus it is just something simple... :)

  10. Goody gumdrops it's Wednesday!

    Have a good one everyone :)

  11. only GATEAUX is good in scrabble :)
    This week snuck up on me! Guess it'll have to be 'abc thursday'.

  12. Thank you very much, Mrs Nesbitt. Bonne fin de semaine à vous.

  13. I am late, late, late today... but I guess it is better late than never.

  14. Just barely made it for Wednesday!

    Hope everyone had a good one!