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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Z is for...........

9  .........
8  ........
7  .......
6  ......
5  .....
4  ....
3  ...
2  ..
1  .

Blast off!


Here we are.......the end of one round week the start of a new one!
Are you aboard for the next stage in the fantastic adventure known to the many as ABC Wednesday?

The new captain of the expedition is our very own Roger....I am stepping down for the next part of the journey but will be around as co-pilot!

The ABC Team will be aboard as we charter new territories and take on board new experiences!
So seat belts at the ready....we're off!

Over and Out!


  1. The top photo is pretty dramatic!

  2. What a fun take on Z. The first shot is very dramatic.

  3. Yep !! Here's to a new "season" of the hit meme ;)


  4. You have done such a super job - thanks for the journey we've covered, and for handing it over to such a competent new leader!!!

  5. A zillion thanks, Denise! It will be zany having Roger onboard! Here's to the next round....

  6. Yes, Denise, THANKS for allowing us to indulge ourselves in such an 'addiction' and THANKS to Roger for giving her a break by heading it up! I gather the posting time will be the same?
    Here we go, blasting off in to Round 11!

  7. Roger Roger is right! I'm glad we are not on automatic pilot. :)

  8. Great intro, Denise!
    BTW, I won't be able to visit folks until tonight or tomorrow, but I WILL drop by eventually.

  9. Hello.
    Thanks for the intro Denise. It's been nice having you at the helm. I hope Roger can keep us all in line...we can get quite boisterous at times! LOL
    This week, I'm having a tipple of Love's Zinfandel.
    Have a great week everyone!

  10. Thanks for doing this for such a long time, Denise. I've sure enjoyed it, and am looking forward to seeing how Roger handles the helm. I'm sure he'll be great at it, but we'll never forget you.

    1. Well, D will still be around to keep me in line!

  11. Perfect ending. Thanks for hosting this round (my first). I had a blast! :)

  12. Thanks, Denise, for all the work you've done, and that of course goes for Roger too.

  13. Thanks for a fun round of A to Z and all the hard work that goes into it. Zero zealots.

  14. I have never participated in this fun meme, but as you are about to start a new round next week I think I might consider challenging myself to do so. :)

  15. Couldn't figure out how to get the new cropping option to work so auto crop chopped off my peacock's head. At least he still has it in real life! LOL!

  16. Thanks, Denise, for doing a zinger of a job of hosting this meme for so long! This "Z" post may be at the zenith of a whole lot of great ones that your imagination has produced. I only jumped into the last round for the first time at letter O, but ABC Wednesday really helps give a bit more focus to my blog posts. And, it's fun. That's got to be good. Welcome, Roger! I know your zeal will be equally impressive!

  17. Great job. Glad the meme is to continue♫♪

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