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Tuesday 12 March 2013

I is for the I CAN'T songs

I decided, in honor of the letter I, and my recent birthday, that I would pick some songs for this INSTALLMENT. They may not be my favorite tunes, but they do have three things in common:

1) They all start with the word I; not just the letter I, but the standalone pronoun. No 'I'm' or 'I've'.
2) They all made it onto the Billboard singles charts. In fact, they were all in the Top 10, because the list would otherwise be way too long.
3) I own all of them, on vinyl, or CD or download. Oh, who am I kidding? They are ALL vinyl or CD; what I have downloaded onto "the cloud" I can scarcely remember, but what I possess that I have held in my hand is a whole 'nother thing.

OK, four things:
4) Since that list is STILL way too long, I've further narrowed the list to songs starting with "I Can't", just because I can.

I Can't Dance - Genesis (#7 in 1992)

I Can't Get Next To You - the Temptations (#1 in 1969)

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - the Rolling Stones (#1 in 1965)

I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) - Hall & Oates (#1 in 1982)

I Can't Help Myself - the Four Tops (#1 in 1965)

I Can't Tell You Why - the Eagles (#8 in 1980)

I CAN'T wait to see what you all have written this week!


  1. I CAN'T WAIT to be able to sit down and listen to all of these gems. Your post is INCREDIBLY INNOVATIVE and creative. Thanks for all the memories!!

  2. I Can't tell you how many times I USED to say I can't and then decided...He** Yes ... I CAN!!

    Great meme - thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  3. I can tell you....I know and like all of those songs. You're quite the creative one, Roger.

  4. I CAN'T believe you've taken me back to university days and dances where we all went wild with "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" Have a great week and take care of that little one!

  5. I think I choose (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, the Rolling Stones, juhu!:-)

  6. I can't believe I only know three of these songs, but I admire the way you think, Roger, especially 'I've further narrowed the list to songs starting with "I Can't", just because I can.' LOL
    Good stuff.
    I haven't been participating this time through the alphabet because I've been away a lot and also sick a lot (a couple of times it was both at the same time), but it's fun to see what's happening.

  7. Great introduction to the letter I. Cool idea to list the songs.

  8. I CAN tell you, I like this Introduction.

  9. Well, "I Love A Parade," so I've again joined your weekly one! :-) Fun intro!

  10. Since others have already mentioned 'Satisfaction', how about "I Can't Stop Loving You" by Ray Charles? (and me—I really do love ABC Wednesday!)

  11. I love so many of these, incredibly innovative I songlist!

  12. I think you will find I have gone musically for "I" and an old but gold band too.

  13. A lot of great "I" entries this round. Incredible... Inspiring!

  14. I like your "I can't" list!

  15. You really know music Rog!!! I love the Eagles, they are one of my all time favorite groups and I love their lyrics:)

  16. Thank you Roger and other diligent ABCers for your consistently clever intros and generous comments!

  17. Many thanks to those who visited my blog. Unfortunately I couldn't return each comment as names here do not match those on my blog.

  18. i can't not join this hop so i hope you'll include my entry for this week even when i am a bit late! :)

    my abc wednesday entry: h is for inhaler

    thanks! ^_^