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Tuesday 24 September 2013

K is for Kinship

Raymond A. Foss's words sum up the kinship found over the years, continents and rounds of ABC Wednesday.

Far flung, around the world
pieces of our hearts
held within the hearts,
the souls, of the ones we love
some oh so near,
others far off, in places
I have not known
wandering the world,
living their lives
but held fast to my heart
by blood, by kinship,
friendship too, an equal bond
part of my heart is there with them too
because they touched my heart
and took a piece of me with them
to those far off places
where I now live


  1. What a wonderful post - and so appropriate. I so strongly feel a kinship with so very many of you whom I know only from this wonderful site. Thank you all for making this feel more like an extended family (in a good way:-)!!!!).

  2. when I travel, I usually stay with family. That is kinship.

  3. Yep this sure is a kinship :D

  4. Kinship is a great K word and the post was perfect for it.

  5. Denise, this is so appropriate as I feel I sort of know some of the people I've met here on ABCW. In fact, I have met some in person even, including YOU, which was such a great joy!

  6. Indeed, your very enjoyable meme has provided a kinship for this community of bloggers. As always, Denise, many thanks to you and the others who have hosted ABC over the years!

  7. Nice post, very positive thoughts :)

  8. Nice words and true. Long live our meme kinship!

  9. Hi! Kondo is a buddism building,the oldest wooden building in the world. Thank you for hosting.

  10. kinship - a great word that expresses the feeling of belonging - this memes is one of them!

  11. Nice one and thank you all for visiting our entry for ABC Wednesday
    Kanha National Park – Land of the Jungle Book

  12. I am here after a long time. Just that life was getting too much in the way!! I could read but hardly ever write. Really enjoyed catching up :O) Have a great weekend..