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Monday 24 November 2014

T is For

I know it seems TRITE, this TIME of year.  But TODAY, for me, T is for THANKS.

I am THANKFUL for the THINGS that I have, the opportunities, and the challenges.

For the people in my life who TEACH me.  (Some by setting an example for me to follow, and some by showing me what I do NOT want to do.)

It's been a busy, a strange... dare I say it... a TUMULTUOUS year, in our business, and in my life.

I am THANKFUL it happened, and THANKFUL it is almost over.

And of course, all of us here on the ABC Wednesday TEAM are THANKFUL for each of you who join us here each week.

Now, tell us about the T in your life:


  1. And T for Troy too :)
    Thanks & Thankful are wonderful words.
    I feel - if we are thankful, then God gifts us more reasons to be more thankful :)
    This time, I have dreaming of a "Tower" room :) Hope I get to "travel" there soon!

  2. Yes of course: T for Troy! And if I am not mistaken, for Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the USA!

  3. Great intro to the letter T, Troy! Thank you.

  4. I am thankful for finding a talented group of people to share my ideas with. Blessings!

  5. Thanks for the truly tremendous work the team is doing!

  6. Valuable list of words for letter T. Thanks!

  7. "T" is for Melbourne's TRAMS! Thanks for hosting.

  8. "T" is so easy. Then it is on to the dreaded UVWXYZ............ Can we just cycle back to "A" next week? Thanks for all you do! You are T-TERRIFIC.
    Janis & David
    Greensboro (NC) Daily Photo

  9. Thanks for offering us a wonderful venue to share. - Margy

  10. I enjoy this meme. Makes me look forward for creating my own version of the letter :) Have a terrific week!

  11. Thought I'd posted once.... Many Thanks for your post on "T" that led the way to the others. :-)

  12. This is wonderful. I can't believe I didn't see it before. Your Ts sound balanced and accepted; life is good when that happens.

    In my life, T is for Treatment. It seems I've been sick forever, but I'm hoping for something better Tomorrow.