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Monday 25 January 2016

Introduction of C

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In July 2015 I left my Country, the Netherlands, to fly to Australia. I flew with Cathay Pacific, which is a Chinese airlines Company. It took me 12 hours to fly to Hong Kong, where I had to wait for 18 hours. The flight from Hong Kong to Cairns in Australia lasted 8 hours. The flight was very comfortable.

When I arrived in Cairns it was still dark at 5 o 'clock, but my daughter was waiting for me. We were happy to meet again and went to the unit she had booked for us. The two granddaughters were still asleep. I got my first cup of coffee, which is very important for a Dutch person to  feel at home.

In the meantime the granddaughters woke up and they showed me the surroundings. The three year old asked me if I had a toothbrush and started to brush her teeth.



The appartment my daughter had booked for a couple of days.

We stayed another day in Cairns before driving to Cooktown, which is a long drive of 360 kms.



  1. Wat een mooi verslag Wil, al moest je er dan veel kms voor reizen.... de personen voor wie je dat deed waren en zijn dat natuurlijk meer dan de moeite waard....

    ot... in je 1e alinea staat W ... moet dat niet C zijn?

    1. Ja , bedankt! Ik had die alinea gekopieerd van een vorige post!

  2. I know you meant the letter C, correct? :)
    Looks like a lovely trip you had to Cairns and Cooktown! I'll be back tomorrow to link up!

  3. the look of the cappuccino and cake!

  4. What a lovely trip, you had my interest at Coffee and Cake!

  5. What a great trip!
    Greetings from Germany

  6. Oh,this trip is even longer than we went to China (from L.A. to Beijing, and from B. to Nanchang), which was 15 hours - but coffee is very good to arrive to:):)

  7. Wow what a long trip ! the apartment looks beautiful ! And for being a coffee addict you don't have to be Dutch, lol !

  8. The cup of coffee is eye-catching. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lovely to hear about your special trip via the Letter C.

  10. Enjoy your holiday in Aus. A very Clever way to share your travel via the letter C.

  11. Hummm ,The cup of coffee is eye-catching is lovely ,happy sunday,greeting from Belgium.

  12. Oops, missed the collection for C -

    Loved the snapshot of the coffee..