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Monday 4 April 2016

M is for MOVING

Welcome once again to ABC Wednesday, a meme created by the magnificent Lady Denise and administered by the mighty Sir Roger.  This week we are focusing on the letter M as in a "Mighty Moving Mess." 

I'm sure you've all been through the experience of moving from one abode to another - at least once in your lifetime.  Some have to move every few years because of work or school or whatever and seem to have the process down to perfection.  I, on the other hand, haven't moved for almost 13 years and it was quite an ordeal this time.  Although I had decluttered and got rid of anything useless or unneeded at this time of my life, it still seemed like I was caught up in a tornado when the actual moving day came. 

However, I've now been in my new place for a month and most of the aches and pains (literal and otherwise) have dissipated and I now can honestly say I made the right decision and feel very much "at home" now.  Here are a few shots of the upheaval and disorder I had to manage through.  And on my personal ABCW this week, I've posted some "after" shots of the inside of my new condo.  By the way, the gardens outside are blooming now - the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the azaleas are magnificent and the daffodils are still creating a spot of sunshine even on rainy days.

Well, how will this mess ever get cleaned up and organized?  Is there any chance it will become a nice place to live?  Pop by my personal blog and see what I've done with the place so far.



  1. An actual subject for the intro from your hand.... and yes i do know how moving feels and how much more work it is than at first hand thought to be. We moved in 2007... and we gave/threw very much away but still ... at lot went along... thankfully we had 2 friends with powerful hands to help us ;-)

    That white thing on that chair, basketlike?, i've got almost the same one... in the garden with some plants in it ;-)

  2. So glad you regard your new place as home,
    and Tegan looks very happy and settled,

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team. xx

  3. Love your intro with moving for the letter M! I'm going to pop over to your blog to see what's been happening...

  4. lovely M word.

  5. One day at the time, Leslie:):) We almost moved two years ago, and there are still places I only go when I have to, like the garage!

  6. Yep ~ looks like Moving time ~ glad to hear you are getting settled and great post for M ~

    Wishing you peace in your day ~ ^_^

  7. As empty nesters and with aging parents, we are probably going to move within the next couple of years or so. Although a new start sounds exciting, the moving of "stuff" does not. Peace, my friend!

  8. Moving on, we hopefully will do soon :)
    Have a nice day

  9. Your new place looks warm and welcoming, Leslie. Congrats on making it through the move!

  10. George and Louise Jefferson would be proud.

  11. I feel for you, Leslie, having moved about 35 times in 50 years! Hope you settle in quickly.
    My "M" stands for the MOUNTAIN town of METSOVO in Greece.

  12. Slowly, slowly a house becomes home. Good luck with settling in!

  13. Moving means much mayhem!
    My "M" is for MORNINGTON, a MELBOURNE seaside outer suburb.