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Monday 2 May 2016


abc18melodyABC-Wednesday ~ by Mrs. Nesbitt -
Round 18 - Q

Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photomeme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week.

I’m always curious to what you come up with!

 The challenging letter of this week is the and I've chosen the word: Query

 My turn again to write an intro.
Something I think often about and in which I find very much joy to be honest!

Today I chose for the letter Q the word Query and I truly hope that you all will do me a very great favor in going along with me in this and answer the 5 questions in my query for you:

1) In which country do you live?
2) Are you male or female?
3) How did you learn about ABC-Wednesday?
4) What do you like the most about ABC-Wednesday?
5) a) if you, at this moment, are not:
Would you  like to become a team member of ABC-Wednesday?
b) If you, at this moment, are:
Why did you decide to become a team member of ABC-Wednesday?

 I am very much looking forward to your answers!!

 Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

Hallo en goede-morgen / - middag / - avond beste deelnemers in deze mooi foto-uitdaging, waar ik week na week na week iedere keer weer veel plezier beleef.

Altijd weer heel benieuwd naar waar jullie mee zullen gaan komen.

 De uitdagende letter van deze week is de Q en ik koos voor het woord Query-vragenlijst.

Mijn beurt weer om een intro te schrijven, iets waar ik veelvuldig aan, en over na, denk. 'Gewoon' omdat ik het zo leuk vind!

Vandaag koos ik voor de letter Q het woord Query-vragenlijst.

Ik hoop oprecht dat jullie hierin met mij mee willen gaan en de 5 vragen in mijn vragenlijst willen beantwoorden.

1) In welk land leef je?
2) Ben je man of vrouw?
3) Hoe kwam jij in aanraking met ABC-Wednesday?
4) Wat vind jij het mooist aan ABC-Wednesday?
5) a) als je het op dit moment niet bent:
Zou jij teamlid van ABC-Wednesday willen worden?
 b) als je het op dit moment wel bent:
Waarom werd jij teamlid van ABC-Wednesday?

 Ik kijk halsreikend naar jouw antwoorden uit!!

 Wens je een fijne ABC-Wednesday-dag / - week.

 ♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)



  1. In answer to your query...
    I live in the U.S.A.
    I am a female.
    Early in my blogging years I stumbled across this meme.
    I like the variety of people and posts and countries that participate.
    I would possibly like to become a team member but I'll need a few months because things might be changing for me in the next month.

    1. Hi Ellen

      Thank you very much for answering my questions!

      Wonderful to get to know you a little bit better!
      A change... i truly hope, for the better!!

  2. Lessee: 1. United States 2. I am male. 3. Some point in Round 5, I just came across it. Started writing with K for Keating Five. 4. I always learn new stuff. 5. I BELIEVE I'm on the team, but let me get back to you on that.

    1. :-)

      Lovely answers Roger.... and yes, do come back to me on that ;-)

      You're my ABC-rock!

  3. What a good and useful subject for Q !
    1. United States of America
    2.I am female
    3.I followed a friend over here from Skywatch Friday but she no longer blogs~
    4.I love that we can converse with people from all around the world, enjoy the seasons and learn so many new things!
    5.Not at this time but perhaps at some point in a couple of years.Life is kinda running me over right now but is a good way, just super busy which is good and I am grateful for that daily!

    1. Thank you Uberrhund

      Wonderful answers, thank you!
      I am pleased to read that you lead a wonderful life, which ofcourse i would wish for you!

  4. 1.I live in the Netherlands.
    2.I am female.
    3.Dina from Israel asked me if I liked to join ABC on Wednesday.
    4.I especially like to meet people from all over the world in person and by mail or blog. I actually met Kay from Canada, Jeannette from Canada, the two Greek sisters with their families, and of course Dina from Israel
    5.I have been a member since 2006 and I became a team member some years later. (I have to look it up)

    Wil, ABCW Team

    1. HI Wil, thank you for answering the questions, some of them i already knew, lovely!

      Yes you are, please stay ;-)

  5. I am female, living on the south west coast of Canada just south of the city of Vancouver. I just happened on the ABCW site and uploaded my first post on January 1, 2008, when it was B is for Breakfast. I already had a blog starting in 2006 and so far have 942 posts. I must remember to celebrate the 1000 mark! I have been Roger's assistant administrator here for a few years now and it's fun to see what everyone brings each week to ABC Wednesday. I have also met many fellow bloggers through this site, especially Denise Nesbitt, herself, in 2012 when I travelled to North Yorkshire! I have seen people come and go and come again and truly enjoy trying to combine my love of writing with my love of photography. Happy Days everyone!

    1. Hi Leslie, thank you so much for taking the time, and be willing, to answer my questions. I love your answers, much the same like mine.

      And please keep op trying, i would miss you if you were to stop.

  6. You are probably one who know the answer to my question (in the pic I linked up here)...Have a great week!

    1. indeed i do ;-)

      Thank you Jeannette, you to!!

  7. 1) In which country do you live? The Netherlands
    2) Are you male or female? Female
    3) How did you learn about ABC-Wednesday? A few years back by Melody's blog. She wrote about it. And asked if I would like to join
    4) What do you like the most about ABC-Wednesday?See what other people have used for photo
    5) a) if you, at this moment, are not:
    Would you like to become a team member of ABC-Wednesday?No, thanks
    b) If you, at this moment, are:
    Why did you decide to become a team member of ABC-Wednesday?
    1) In welk land leef je? Nederland
    2) Ben je man of vrouw? Vrouw
    3) Hoe kwam jij in aanraking met ABC-Wednesday? Een aantal jaar terug door Melody's blog. Zij schreef erover. En vroeg of ik het ook leuk zou vinden om mee te doen
    4) Wat vind jij het mooist aan ABC-Wednesday?Zien wat andere mensen voor foto hebben gebruikt
    5) a) als je het op dit moment niet bent:
    Zou jij teamlid van ABC-Wednesday willen worden?Nee,dank je
    b) als je het op dit moment wel bent:
    Waarom werd jij teamlid van ABC-Wednesday?

  8. Hear are my responses to your query:

    1- I live in the USA.
    2- I'm a male.
    3- I became acquainted with ABC Wednesday through a blogger, but can't recall whom it was.
    4- What I like the most about ABC Wednesday are the friendships I've formed through sharing posts with different participants.
    5a- I would like to be a team member for ABC Wednesday, but my current commitments would not make it possible.
    5b- n/a


    1. Hi Arnolde, thank you so much for answering!
      Lovely to get to you a little bit better to ;-)

      Ah who knows, maybe someday i can call you "collegue" ;-)

      Thank you, likewise!!

  9. 1 - I'm living in Germany and only today I learned the word "query"
    2 - female
    3 - Saw the ABC-link at another blog and came to join in
    4 - learn new words and complete my English trough reading other blogs
    5 - I cannot be a team-member, my English is still to little

    Thank you for the nice meme and your weekly work :-)

    1. Hallo Mascha, wie schõn daß du meine Fragen beantwortet haßt!
      Danke vielmahls.

      So kommt man über die ganse Welt um zu lernen, ist auch schõn!
      Dein English is ja gar nicht so slecht, mindestens so gut wie dass meine ;-) Aber ich verstehe deine entscheidung selbstverständlich ;-)

      Danke dir !!

      Gern gemacht !

  10. That's a good idea ! Sometimes people forget to mention from which country they are coming from !
    I live in Waterloo (near Brussels) French speaking part of Belgium, I am a vintage woman, don't remember how I found this meme, I thought it was a photo meme only as it was in the very beginning, I became team member, I don't remember why and when, I am belonging to the antiques.

    1. Hi Gattina thank you!

      Lovely to read your answers, and if i remember correctly you're not Belgian so i admire your abillity to live elsewhere and speak the language, which i don't that easily ;-)
      Never mind ... you're antique? or have forgotten some things, i am glad you are a teammember and i hope you'll stay that ;-)

  11. To answer your query, Melody: I live in the USA (Brooklyn, NY); am a woman; believe I found this wonderful meme via a fellow blogger back in 2009 (today's is my 382nd post); love the challenge of finding an image each week (especially for some letters—like X!); if I ever get around to retiring, I would definitely think about becoming a team member. And thank you!

    1. Hi Alexa... thank you for answering. I've never been in the USA but maybe someday i will .... its a long travel but apealing it is anyway ;-)
      Wonderful to see to that you are a participant for so long already!

      That would be nice... lets just hope that abc still does excist then ;-)

  12. 1) United States
    2) female
    3) I stumbled upon it as I was searching for a Wednesday meme to take part in.
    4) The friendship of the participants.
    5) Thank you for asking to be a team member, but I'm not in a good spot to do so right now.

    1. HI Su-Sieeee lovely answers, thank you for filling in my questions!

      Point 3 is almost like my way ... i was searching for something like it too and someone else pointed me to it.

      Point 5. I am so sorry to read that, i hope you feel better very soon!!

  13. 1) India, 2) Female, 3) found out about ABCWednesday through an acquaintance's blog, 4) Like the variety here. 5) at present am unable to take on any team responsibility, but thanks for asking :)

    1. Hello Beloo Mehra, thank you for answering my query!

      India... i travel very rarely, never been there but every image of it intriges me. i think i would enjoy myself there with my camera a lot, there is so much beautiful things to be seen which one can't find nor see in Europe... but i am not fond of to warm weather and i think india it hot most of the time

      Sorry to read you're not able to but maybe someday you will

  14. powerful one.


    amazing one.

  16. I am an American by birth but an Israeli by choice (since 1968). Female, yes.
    It has been so long (2008, I think) since I discovered ABC Wednesday that I can't remember where I heard about it.
    I like words and languages so it is always fun to see the wide variety of subjects that participants think of.
    Sorry but I can't commit to being on the ABC committee. But I do appreciate and thank all you good team members.
    Shalom to all!

    1. Hi Dina, thank you for answering. If i unnderstand correctly you're totally established in you're 2nd homeland. I can relatie to youre motivations to participate ofcourse ;-)

      I'm sorry too... but its okay ofcourse!

      Thank you for your nice answer and you are welcome !

      To you to!