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Monday 4 July 2016

Z for Zoo.

I know that our  'Abcw' friend Melody is passionately fond of her local ZOO, sadly I'm not fond of ZOOS... my apologies to Melody.

 I just don't like to see wild animals taken out of their natural habitat and shipped off to far away lands then put into pens or large landscaped arenas. I know the Curators and keepers of present day ZOOS do their level best to create the right environment for the animals, it just seems cruel, to keep them in captivity.

ZEBRAS enjoying each others company on the African Tundra.

           The King of the Jungle.... Master of all he surveys.

The Lion................

The ever alert Tiger often found in the mountains of India.

 There are so many Safari Parks and Wild Game Reserves out in Asia, Africa and India, where people can see them in their natural environment.


 Australia has special reserves, right across the Bush and is inhabited by many species including, Kangaroos, Crocodiles and Koala Bears.

Mama Koala Bear and baby taking in the sun in the Aussie Bush.

 Kangaroos having a chat in the Australian Bush.

Crusty old Croc...I still wouldn't make shoes out of him. Even Crocodiles have feelings, even they cry sometime, ever heard of crocodile tears ...

Last but not least  the most amazing wild animal of all....The Majestic Elephant probably walking to the next water hole with a very tiny baby Elephant on the open plains of  Africa.

Bath time for the babies (below) with Mama Elle-Phant looking on! 

I bet you can guess by now that my favourite wild animal is the magnificent  Elephant.

Now! You tell me;

  How could all these beautiful animals be happy in an enclosed and restrictive ZOO ?

The Elephants need to roam freely to find food and water.

 The Lions need to hunt for food and strut around surveying their kingdom.

 The Tigers need to hang out, way up in trees, to take a snooze, always with one eye open waiting for lunch to pass by.

I hope the illustrations, along with my expressed feelings about putting wild animals in ZOOS,  indicate just how much  land and open space they require to enjoy their lives!

Also climate should be taken into consideration

For instance, putting a Polar Bear in an enclosed pen in Florida, with a small pond of muddy water is downright cruel.

 I remember watching one in a ZOO walking round and round and shaking his head, indicated how he was being driven mad by being enclosed in such a confined space.

 Polar Bears, instinctively walk for miles and miles over frozen ice packs, hunting for food  by diving by into the icy Arctic waters, catching  fresh fish to feed themselves and their cubs.


 Just going for a snoooZZZZZ now because Leslie (The Pedalogue) is  in town, can't wait to see her tomorrow...we're going to a lovely Italian restaurant called Gusto, down at the Albert Dock on the Liverpool riverfront. It's a BUZZY  place with loads of PIZZAZZ.

My sincere thanks to the ZANY Denise who celebrated a very special birthday last week, 'Happy Birthday Denise' hope you had a  ZESTY party with all your friends and family. xxx. My thanks also to Roger our administrator who, each week ZIPS around our blogs keeping up with the current contributions. Last, but not least, thanks to the team of  ZINGY  helpers who lessen Roger's workload... we hope! 

The Birthday girl Denise with husband Jon.



  1. Hi Di.... pleasy, don't apologize to me. I totally understand and to some leavel I can relate.
    I do indeed love zoo's but ofcourse I much more would prefer all animals to be free, more important, to be safe!
    In our world that last point so sad, is not possible. Another point why I like zoo's is the educational point in it.... if we don't teach our childeren, they will never learn to treat animals right. And lots of people are not that lucky to be able to travel around the world to go and see them.

    Its a good thing people have different opinions!

    Happy Birthday to Denise, I am sorry I did not congratulate her, I did not know...

  2. Hi Di! I agree with you that animals belong to their natural habitat, but if you want to see these wild African creatures and you haven't got the money to travel to all those far-away countries, you have to go to a zoo or a sanctuary where, sick animals or those animals that belonged to a zoo that had done away with their inhabitants.Some of these animals belong to an endangered species and are safe in the sanctuary.Some of them were rescued from a life in terrible circumstances,neglected and underfed. Sometimes they can be trained to live in the wild bush again.
    Still, I enjoyed your post very much!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh I do agree with animal sanctuaries Wil but rehabilitation where possible
      and of course if it is safe for it to return.
      However glad you enjoyed my post, it was a bit rushed as I was going to meet Leslie,
      more about that later!
      Best wishes,
      ABCW team.

  3. Hi Melody,
    Yes the educational aspect is important for children.
    However, in this day and age, there are so many other learning channels,
    for children and their teachers to explore.
    The logical way to teach children how to care for
    animals is for them to have small pets in their homes.
    Lets Face it they're hardly likely to need to know about,
    say, giraffe husbandry
    The thought of these beautiful creatures being doped, put into crates,
    then shipped halfway around the world.
    I can't bear to think of the pain and anguish they must suffer.
    just to satisfy the needs of an over zealous scholastic fraternity.
    As a child I didn't have the opportunity to travel to exotic locations,
    but I used to go to the cinema on a Saturday morning and sit, wide eyed,
    watching through special 3D cardboard glasses,
    National Geographic wild life films, shown on an original curved 3D screen,
    It was so effective watching a herd of Buffalo literally galloping towards
    you and and creating the feeling that they were actually surrounding you.
    All thanks to the widescreen and 3D glasses.
    Now, our grandchildren have a huge TV in their home with proper,
    special 3-D effect
    glasses, absolutely amazing!

    Therefore, all the animals can stay in their own habitat and get on with,
    doing whatever they do, in peace!

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. from your point of view, you are totally right!
      if only the animals were safe in their own habitat but to sad, they still are not.
      I know that in Dutch zoo's.... there a no animmals kept which have come to our zoo's on ways as you describe, I would absolutely not agree with that.
      3d tv is indeed very spectacular, but I believe that that is not enough in the educational way.

      Well... lets agree that we don't agree 100% okay ;-)

  4. These days that natural habitats are being destroyed at an astounding rate, where animal species are being made extinct daily, where even animal reserves and wildlife sanctuaries are being threatened by animal poachers, zoos play an important role in conservation of wildlife. Modern zoos provide safe environments for animals to live and breed in, provide facilities for research, as well as being an educational facility where children learn of conservation and appreciate the fragility of our natural environment. In an ideal world, we wouldn't need zoos, but unfortunately our world is far from ideal...
    My "Z" stand s ZEPHYR

  5. Hi, Di,
    Elephants brought out the smile in the Mama all the time. Because of that, elephants are among my favorite animals. I found a pair of palazzo pants with elephants embroidered on the bottom of the legs. Unfortunately the pants were too gentle for the washing machine.

    1. Hi Su-sieee,
      So good to hear from you again, Elephants were my Mama' favourite animals too.
      We must be kindred spirits as we seem to have similar tastes in several things.
      I'm a bit Zany as I suspect you are to On Monday Leslie (The Pedalogue) visited
      Liverpool We met at the Albert Dock for Dinner at a popular Italian restaurant
      called Gusto. This is the second time we've met,,,Again we are kindred spirits
      and became friends purely through blogging, She's visiting some friends in Yorkshire.
      Hope you both, and Molly cat, are coping with all you have too at present.
      My thoughts and prayers are with you,
      Love n hugs from Di.xx

  6. Ah, how could I have missed the zoo! A great Z! Hard to pick a favorite:) Have a great week and thanks for hosting!

    1. Hello jeanette,
      good to hear from you again.
      We have a great zoo nearby in but whilst it's good to see the wonderful animals,
      I still think it's mean to keep them out of their natural habitat.
      Best wishes,
      ABCW team.

  7. Thank you Nora for your kind words, it's always good to hear from you
    and I am so please that you enjoy my ramblings,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.