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Monday 26 June 2017

Y is for YOU

About a decade ago, TIME magazine named YOU as the Person of the Year. "In 2006, the World Wide Web became a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter." And as true as it was then, it's far more true now.

And YOU continue to matter to us at ABC Wednesday. Round 20 is ending under the direction of Leslie and me, and before that, Denise Nesbitt. Round 21 is about to begin at under Melody's tutelage.

But it means nothing, NOTHING without YOU. Without YOU, there's frankly no point to it all.

The very first Bob Dylan song I ever owned was on a compilation album called The Best of '66. That was 1966, BTW, NOT 1866. The song was I WANT YOU [listen]. Somehow seems appropriate.



  1. Indeed very appropriate ;-)

  2. Love how you brought in the reminder about how ABCW is changing. Must say, though, I don't recall that Bob Dylan song, but it is apt.
    abcw team

  3. And thanks to YOU, Roger for being such an active part of the ABC Wednesday meme, and all of YOU, others in the team! Yay!!!
    My "Y" stands for YAK and YETI.

  4. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  5. And "Y" is for YARRA RIVER in Melbourne, Australia

  6. YELLOW YARN from me. Looks like yellow is a popular choice this week...

  7. Very good post. We all matter to our societes. Round 21 is coming!