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Monday 5 August 2013

D of Dutch

I am Dutch, but I don't sing like a Dutch nightingale  and my choir doesn't sing   a Dutch concert. I was, however suffering from the Dutch disease in the eighties.

I had a Dutch uncle, who stroke a Dutch bargain, after screwing up his Dutch courage. It was a Dutch consolation that he got a prize wrapped in Dutch gold.

He dutched his life , for he always spoke Double Dutch, when he and his friends went Dutch. He got a Dutch treat and after that he committed the Dutch act by putting his head in a Dutch oven.

 During the late 17th century, the Dutch system of producing these cast metal cooking vessels was more advanced than the English system. The Dutch used dry sand to make their molds, giving their pots a smoother surface. Consequently, metal cooking vessels produced in the Netherlands were imported into Britain. In 1704, an Englishman named Abraham Darby decided to go to the Netherlands to observe the Dutch system for making these cooking vessels. Four years later, back in England, Darby patented a casting procedure similar to the Dutch process and began to produce cast-metal cooking vessels for Britain and her new American colonies. Thus the term “Dutch oven” has endured for over 300 years, since at least 1710

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Dutch oven.



  1. Would a flying Dutch man's head fit a Dutch oven? Thanks for the history bit.


  2. Perhaps his head does but not the whole ship!

  3. I sort of thought you're Dutch! lol

  4. The Dutch are really a famous lot to be coined in so many expressions!! Dutch bargain is having a Dutch treat and going Dutch I presume!! ;)

  5. I found all the expressions in the dictionary!

  6. I have a Dutch oven, or more precisely, a cast iron pot that I use ALL the time. Wonderful cooking vessel! Great entry for "D"

  7. The dutch ovens are awesome as are the Dutch. Great opening meme, great heritage. Have a great week.

  8. Great post for D week. My parents had a dutch oven but I think one of my siblings kept it after they died because I don't have it.

  9. thanks for presenting the explanation about the naming of the Dutch oven! cool!

  10. The best fried chicken ever was cooked in my Mom's Dutch Oven. She's passed on and my brother has her Dutch Oven.

  11. How about a Dutch proverb (or two)?

    Don't stand in the sun if you've got butter on your head.
    It's easy to cut big chunks from someone else's cheese.

    1. PS. They say, "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much..."

  12. Thank you Martha for the proverbs and saying about The Dutch. I must admit: I didn't know them, but may be Google van help me there.

  13. I had a Dutch oven but lost it in a move. I loved cooking in it.

  14. I always enjoy learning about the history of things we now take for granted. Blessings!

  15. I am yearning for a good Dutch oven, a friend gave me one, but her husband cured it with motor oil, yes, seriously, motor oil, so I am not interested in cooking with it. I've never come across a Darby, but would love to find a Griswold in good shape!

  16. some interesting Dutch facts! good to know you're back again, i can now catch up! :)