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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Letter G : to google

A new verb moved into all languages : to google ! When Prince Philip of the UK asks something, his royal wife answers : Google !! I heard this in an interview about the Queen.

So if you have a question about why your dog scratches himself all the time ... google and you will get hundreds of reasons ! You don't find your glasses, just google but don't mix it up with goggles ! A typing fault arrives very quickly. Your husband or partner forgets to put the trash bin outside, google and Google will tell you why ! Everything in life from finding a new partner to how repair a car just google the answer is on your screen ! And to help the other members I just googled

and here is the answer



  1. GOOD GRIEF, GATTINA! You must spend your life GOOGLING! I am GRATEFUL for your GREAT ideas!

  2. Amazing stuff Gattina - it makes you wonder what we did before this amazing tool!

    1. I wonder too, lol ! BTW your profile is not available on Blogger !

  3. I gather gobs of facts, fiction and trivia from Google all the time, and it collects the same from me!

  4. I tell my students they have it so much easier than we did when we had to write an essay. We'd go to the library, go through the card catalogue and jot down the books' locations, go searching for them, rifle through the pages to see if the information is relevant and then check out a pile of them! Then we had to drag them home and start reading and sifting through everything before we even started to write! Now you just google! Hmmph!

  5. It is funny how to google has become a universally accepted verb. When I was growing up (I was born in 1957) there was an expression "to make google eyes" at someone which meant a flirtatious or love struck look. I thought it was so funny when google was used as an internet search engine name because I had associated the word for so long with another meaning.

  6. It definitely has become part of our normal, everyday speech!!! But I have to admit...I'm avoiding google and using Bing as my search engine...I'm not comfortable with the "mining" Google does!!!

  7. Oh yeah, where would I be without google! And then to think that it began with a college student, who is now rich and has nice building several stories high (we often come by there on our way to the store).
    Have a terrific week, Gattina!

  8. Oh, yes, I too google! If I want a quick synonym or definition, it's faster than walking to my reference book section in the kitchen. Great word for 'g'!

  9. Oh, yes, I too google! If I want a quick synonym or definition, it's faster than walking to my reference book section in the kitchen. Great word for 'g'!

  10. GREAT GOOGLE indeed. its become a way of life and a verb !! I saw one quote on a T-shirt that read "When I feel all alone I Google myself".

    Good one for this week, Gattina


  11. As a librarian, I've been known to use Google, but one often has to verify the information found there. And there are lots of data NOT available that way!

  12. Google is really an excellent research tool to use, but you do have to be careful with it. Working with children ages 6 to 10, I always have to monitor what they find. Blessings!