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Monday 29 August 2016

H is for

I'm Happy to see the Hordes of people crowding the Hallowed ABC Wednesday Halls.
(This time of year  Horde-filled Halls are High on many minds as students return to school. Homes are filled with Huzzahs and Hallelujahs.)
I Hope you've saved enough  energy to post this week.
On a serious note. It's Honestly been a Honor  to Help out as a Host Here  over the last decade.  There will be a Hollow Hole in my Heart when this journey ends.  On a Happier note Hearing     about everyone else Has Helped me deal with some of the Hardships and Hurdles in my life.    
Here's to Happier notes.
Let's Hear what H inspired thoughts you have today. 



  1. How very Horrendous and Horrifying to imagine this journey coming to an end:(
    A Hermit's Heavenly Hideaway is what comes to my mind as solace:):)
    Thank you Troy for the 'Hollow Hole in Heart' thing..shall try to write something on it:) Cheers!

  2. Hi Troy ... thank you for Hosting and giving us many H's.
    I have to admit that, although I hardly know you, I am sorry to know that your journey here comes to an end, I hate to see you go ;-)

    Hope that all goes well for you in the future and that the hurdles you still have to take are those which can be taken with a big smile!

    Take care, ♪ M e l ☺ d y ♫

  3. Hello Troy, thanks for your intro to the letter H.
    My your hurdles decrease and may you never lose hope!

  4. Honestly, did you state that you plan to quit participation at this time? Or just "When?" Hopefully not yet! Have a nice day! SG

  5. I was absent twice, because it's always hard to blog when school first starts. Blessings!

  6. Hello to you too, if I understand well with all the H do you really quit ?

  7. Hail, heroic host! Thanks for hosting, wishing you happiness!
    My H stands for HAIL.

  8. Hurdles are tough. Hope they become smooth sailing soon for you.