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Tuesday 29 March 2011


Are you suffering from Kakorrahaphiophobia (fear of failure)? Well there is no failure possible here at ABC Wednesday! Grab your camera or pen, saddle up your keffel, and compose a submission for us. Because we suffer from kenophobia (fear of empty spaces) and the only remedy will be your posts! Don't let us down!


Tuesday 22 March 2011

Just J

Jumping Jehoshaphat before you can say Jack Robinson its time to play ABC Wednesday again. No doubt we will learn something, possibly who on earth was Jack Robinson. Was it a very volatile gentleman of that name who used to play flying visits to his neighbours, and was no sooner arriving then he was off again. Or was it a jolly Jack Tar who returned to find his love, tired of waiting, married to another, so he quickly left.

The tenth letter of the alphabet is a modern introduction, only differentiated from I in the 17th Century. It was medieval practice to lengthen the I when it was the initial letter, usually with the consonant function now assumed by J. Just think if that had not happened we would be doing K this week. However I will try not to confuse and assure and confirm this week it is indeed ... J.

So by Jove its time for high jinks, jeu d'esprit and jottings. Time to be taken on a journey that could be judicious, joyful or a jump into the unknown, one never knows until clicking on the link. So Join the jamboree and add your link below.

Tuesday 15 March 2011

I: Introducing Troy!

One of our very talented wordsmiths is introducing this week's ABC Wednesday...Troy will be along later with what will be an intriguing introduction I am sure!

First of all, I just wanted to mention, from the entire ABC Wednesday Team, to our friends in Japan, and those among us who have friends and families there, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you and your loved ones be safe.

IT was INEVITABLE that for the INTRODUCTION to "I" I would have trouble with my INTERNET EXPLORER. I tried to write this ICEBREAKER last night, but being INTERNET IMPAIRED, I was unable to do so. I thought I'd tell Denise that my IGUANA ate my INTERNET, but I IMAGINED an IMPROBABLE excuse like that would leave her INDIGNANT at my IMMATURITY.


I wouldn't want to INFER INEPTITUDE, but the INABILITY TO IDENTIFY I's in your life would be INEXCUSABLE, unless of course, you are INFIRM.


I, and the rest of the ABC Wednesday team, are waiting IMPATIENTLY to see what you have.


Tuesday 8 March 2011

How do you do, H?!

Hello out there!   Helen, here, your herald for H-day.  Don’t mean to hector you or have a hissy fit, but most humbly hope you will hop or hightail it over to the Internet Highway and be a part of a blogger’s hog heaven – the never hypnoid nor hyberbolic, occasionally hysterical, often humorous, always here-for-you ABC Wednesday!  

“Don’t be a hopeless helpless!” my dad would say to us when we whined about something as kids.  So hurry up and find a halo in a photo, a haiku or hobbit’s poem (or your own), a hurricane around your plane, a hat trick from a hockey rink.  Relax, have a highball, and hallelujah! you will cry as ideas hail you from the hallways of your mind.  Happy or hearty, hopeful or helpful, humble or humongous, many H-words abound, even if you ‘ave to drop your haitches when you say them.*

*In hatching this intro for H-day, I was caught up in the debate in the UK about how to pronounce our letter of the day and found these recent additions to a “heated” debate that lovers of language might well enjoy:

  • 'Haitch' or 'aitch'? How do you pronounce 'H'?
David Sillito, BBC arts correspondent, interviews people on how they pronounce several words and H.

  • Why I ate the Haitch mob
We cannot let the gentle aitch be hounded out of the spoken language by its harsher cousin …..

  • Benign haitches 
In Northern Ireland, the way you pronounce the eighth letter of the alphabet can reveal your background …

Tuesday 1 March 2011

G is for Gateux!

This week's introduction is over to Gattina - who will be along shortly with a GREAT intro!

I start to believe that I get "gateux" or "gaga" which means in English "doddering - geriatric" because I forgot our precious Wednesday's ABC introduction. I had put it on Wednesday which means Tuesday in some countries and of course Sir Google's galender (German accent) didn't jump into my eyes on the right day. The only thing I ask you : Please don't compare me with Lady Gaga, I am not yet doddy. I prefer to stay a Gattina which means Kitten in Italian.