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Tuesday 28 February 2012

"G" Is For "Gigi" Ann" A Little Bit About Me.

This is me at about 2 years old.
Age: Old enough to know better.
Bed Size: Queen.
Chore that I hate: Grocery shopping.
Dog: Toy Poodle, Joey.
Essential start to my day: Two Cups of Tea.
Favorite colors: Aquamarine and Mauve.
Gold or Silver: Gold.
Height: 5'2"
Instruments I play: My mouth, can't play any instrument.
Job Title: Retired and lovin' it.
Favorite Restaurant: McDonald's.
Kids: Five.
Live: One day at a time.
Mother-in-Laws name: Same as mine...Anna
Nicknames: Honey, Mommy.
Pet Peeves: Tardiness, can't stand it.
Quote from a movie: "You had me at Hello!" and "Go Ahead...Make My Day!"
Right or Left Handed: Right.
Siblings: 5 sisters, 2 brothers.
Time I wake up: Between 5 and 7 am.
Underwear: Granny style. ; ))
Vegetable I hate: Bamboo Shoots.
What makes you run late: When I over sleep, or am just in slow motion that day.
Yummy food that I make: Chili...
Zoo Animal: Tigers.
Favorite Hobby: Reading.
This is me today in my Reading Corner.
Gigi means "Great-Grandma" Now doesn't Gigi sound better than Great-Grandma? My hubby and I had 5 children. 3 sons and 2 daughters. We now have 10 Grandchildren, and 6 Great-Grandchildren, with one on the way in May. Therefore, that makes me a "Gigi."

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Flawlessly Flopping for "F"

Free Association

Feeling funky and fearless, Francine frolicked feebly for a fraction of a fortnight.
Frankly, Francine's family favored free fixtures that flickered and flashed, never mind Francine's frolicking. Furthermore, the famous and fastidious figurehead, Floyd, festooned fabulously, fought feverishly and fiercely for Francine's freedom. Folks feel this to be frivolous and a bit frippery, not frugal nor foolproof. Along came five friendly fellows flanking Floyd, fighting fist to fist on the fifth floor. It proved to be a fatal fight. Francine, fevered and fatigued from frolicking, yet flabbergasted by such facilitation, feigned a furlough. Funny, Francine's friend Faith, felt forgetful and fuzzy, yet fixated on furbelows. She was no help. Floyd? Fractured, fragmented  and forlorn, his best hope was for a fungo.


This message has been approved by Sigmund Freud


Tuesday 14 February 2012

E is for Easy

Well, it's time for me, Roger, to do one of these intros. Instead of EXTRUDING an EXCESS of E words, I thought I'd take it EASY and respond to the same survey Berowne answered, which Mrs. Nesbitt, aided by yours truly, put together. Won't be as funny as Berowne's, though. I'm only a laugh riot in person...

What is your most favorite sound?

It's the sound of running water, from hanging around a babbling brook to a mighty waterfall. I'm even sated by listening to the shower in the morning. I think it may be a Pisces thing.

What is your least favorite sound?

The sound of a dentist's drill. In my mouth.

If someone were to play you in the movie of your life, which actor would that be?

Academy Award winner for his performance as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the 2006 film The Last King of Scotland Forest Whitaker, who has the exact same birthday as a loved one of mine.

What food would you most like to have if nutrition and calories were not an issue?

Oh, there are so many; how about one of these burgers?

What utterly impractical or useless skill do you possess that most people do not?

The ability to make the sound of a kazoo, without a kazoo.

What top 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to dinner?

I thought about this for awhile and decided on Benjamin Franklin, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Grace Kelly. "Hey, Ben, you know that electricity you noted? They've harnessed it so that there are now moving pictures, and Grace is in some of them." Franklin would likely want to get randy, but struck by Gandhi's essence, he demurs.

What would the main course be?

Some sort of vegetarian lasagna, with eggplant and spinach.

What piece of music do you most identify with?

It would be the song you can hear HERE.

"It's not that easy being green
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves
When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold
Or something much more colorful like that"

Now I EXPECT that you will EXCITE and ENTERTAIN us all with your ESSAYS.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

D for Dreamin & Dancing

I am feeling quite Dandy all the way Down posting in this Dynamic Meme, !!. It's not a Drill of course. This has become as enjoyable as Dancing.. My mind is doing the Ding and an occasional Dong for churning up the ideas for the D's and yet it doesn't Droop with exhaustion. Do not be Disturbed. I have not been Drinking.That would be quite Damaging wouldn't it?? Rather I have Done a lot of chore for today and Deserve a Dreamy break. This is also a good time to share with you one of my favorite Ossy song.. Duh !! U Definitely guessed it... Dreamer !!

Alrighty  all you Die-hard bloggers !!!Get Down to your creativity, start Dreamin up your posts, come back and Dangle it to the linky below. Dang I am thirsty, now where is that Drink??