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Monday 24 February 2014

GOOGLE + what for ?

I take the opportunity to ask you what are the advantages of Google+ other then a loss of time for Bloggers ? For chatting there is Facebook.

More and more Bloggers fall in the trap and subscribe to Google+ otherwise they are not allowed to comment on a Blog !

How often it happens to me that I get a comment with a link to the Blog. When I click on the link a Google+ page appears. Now I have to do FBI investigations to find the blog link on the Google+ page and most of the time there is none ! No way to comment on the Blog without becoming member of the "Circle" I don't want to be member of a circle, I just want to comment.

I try to find an email address, just to inform the person that I am unable to comment, but to 90 % there is no email address either. I hate to be forced into something I don't like and my opinion is that Google behaves more and more like a Dictator ! Where is the freedom of choice ? So what do I do after having tried for a while to find the corresponding link to the Blog ? I give up and don't comment !

Where are the good old times when you got a comment, and you could reply so easily ? It gets more and more complicated but I am proud to say, so far I could avoid to fall into the Google+ trap.



Tuesday 18 February 2014

F is For...

Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

Most people credit Andy Warhol for inventing the phrase "Fifteen minutes of Fame." although photographer Nat Finkelstein claimed that he was the one who said it first, to Andy.  Nevertheless, in the sixties, and in the days before the internet and reality TV, it meant something different than it means today.

German Art Historian  Benjamin H. D. Buchloh explained the Fifteen Minutes of Fame theory like this: 
The systematic invalidation of the hierarchies corresponds directly to the belief that the hierarchy of subjects worthy to be represented will someday be abolished, hence "anybody", and therefore "everybody," can be famous once that hierarchy dissipates,  and by logical extension of that, in the future, everybody will be famous, and not merely those individuals worthy of fame.

Um... Yeah... OK...

I'm sure he may have been right, assuming anyone knows what he actually said there...

But in todays' world,

a world of  You Tube and Justin Bieber,

of The Voice, American Idol, and MXC,

of Who Wants to Be The Next Mutligazillion Dollar Celebrity in Rehab (Ok, I just made that one up)

and Crash the Superbowl Doritos' Contests,

It appears as if just about anyone can be Famous for a brief period of time.

So now, it's your turn, it's your Fifteen minutes.

Be Famous:

Show us what you have.


Hey, our next round is fifteen....

Do I feel an inspiration for the next logo coming up?


Monday 10 February 2014


I've been ENTERING into the ABC Wednesday ENTERPRISE for EVER so long, Round 5, letter K, to be EXACT. And I had feared that perhaps the EXERCISE had become EXHAUSTED in Round 13, with fewer ENTRIES, and it would be soon coming to an END. But, with this new round, increased EXCITEMENT and ENTHUSIASM has been ENGENDERED, with new ENTRANTS participating. This has had a great EFFECT on my EMOTIONS.

Your ELUCIDATIONS are often ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL, not necessarily ELABORATE. Of course, good ETIQUETTE suggests that you are off being ENRICHED from other folks' EARNEST EFFORTS, as well.

Here's the thing, though: with an ESCALATING number of participants - an EXCELLENT thing - we need to ENGAGE more visiting EMISSARIES to ENGAGE with the ENROLLED, as you have come to EXPECT. If you would might ENJOY participating further in our ENDEAVOR with our ENERGETIC ENSEMBLE, you may E-MAIL me: rogerogreen (at)

Oh, did you know that if you make an ERROR posting on the Linky ENGINE that you can EXCISE it, then ENTER the right one?

LISTEN TO The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited
I'm so excited, And I just can't hide it,
I'm about to lose control, And I think I like it.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

D is for Decisions.

D is here, knocking on our door
well.... what we are all waiting for?
Will your post be for your DATE?
Will it be DELAYED or possibly late?
Will it be DARING, a little risky
or will it be DANGEROUS and even frisky?
Will it be a photo, a portrait or a scene?
Will it be an animal, do you have a theme?
The minutes are ticking decisions are made
Don't be shy or even afraid.
ABC Wednesday is on the increase,
created by your very own - me, yes Denise.
With Roger and Leslie and the rest of the crew
we now hand the reigns over to you.
So pull out your pen, your camera, whatever -
let's make it the best ABC for ever and ever!