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Tuesday 26 April 2011

O is for "OH"

Oh, it's my turn can't miss that !

Anyway "OH" is a nice word you can use it in all situations :

Oh, sorry I stepped on your foot
Oh, what a beautiful bouquet
Oh, this is really disgusting
Oh, you make me so happy
etc etc

and to facilitate your choice with letters starting with an "O" here a some examples :

overgloom, overgo, overgoing, overgone, overgorge, overgrace, overgrassed, overgraze, overgrazed, overgrazes, overgrazing, overgreat, overgreatness, overgreedy, overgrew, overgross, overground, overgrow, overgrowing, overgrown, overgrows, overgrowth, overhale, overhall, overhand, overhanded, overhandle, overhands, overhang, overhanging, overhangs, overhappy, overharden, overhardy, overhaste, overhastily, overhastiness, overhasty, overhaul, overhauled, overhauling, overhauls, overhead, overheads, overheaped, overheaps, overhear, overheard, overhearing, overhears, overheat, overheated, overheating, overheats, overheavy, overhele, overhent, overhigh, overhighly, overhip, overhipped, overhipping, overhold

Have fun !

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Nuts about ABC Wednesday

To those who are NEW and the NOT so NEW visitors of the ABC Wednesday NETWORK, it's so NICE to see you here!

You can share anything that comes to mind, a poem or NARRATIVE that you wrote in your NOTEBOOK, an image of something that can or cannot be seen by the NAKED eye, something about NATURE, a recipe of your homemade NACHOS, a piece of jewelry like your favorite NECKLACE, a photo of a steaming bowl of NOODLES, something NICE but NEVER NAUGHTY, you can also share something about your favorite NOVELS or NOVELIST,  or how about sharing a story of a NOSTALGIC NUPTIALS photograph?

I think this introduction is becoming too long. I think I better go to my NOISELESS NOOK to think of what to share for this week's NOTEWORTHY edition of ABC Wednesday!

Just a small NOTE:

Please link up to your ABC Wednesday post and NOT your main blog page. There are times that we NARROWLY miss your post/entry because we still NEED to NAVIGATE through your main page to look for your ABC Wednesday entry.

How do you find the permalink of your post?

It's easy! After creating your post, click on the link that says View Post, NOW look at the top of your NEWLY created blog post, you'll see the address bar, NOTICE that long string of address showing at the space that says: (very much like this one:, highlight that, then copy, paste it in the URL field of Mr. Linky and you're done!

NUTTY ABC Wednesday Team Member,


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Tuesday 12 April 2011


M is for your very own Mrs Nesbitt! You may remember me in Toy Story 1!

So here we are - I along with the MARVELLOUS MEMBERS of the ABC Team await the MAGICAL, MYSTERIOUS, MIND-BLOWING contributions which will be coming our way - thanks to the aMAZING people who participate in this great MEME every week!

Sunday 3 April 2011


Leaping Lizards! It's already time for the Letter L! Since my Lapel reads "Leslie," I've been asked to write a Little prelude for our List of contributors. Don't think of this as Labour, but as a Labour of Love. In fact, maybe you Learned the Lamaze technique of childbirth and want to share your experience. Maybe you have a Lovely Labrador or you Live in Labrador and would Love to share some photos. Maybe you're into Lacework and can tell us about how to do it. Maybe you Love flowers and have some beautiful photos of Lilies, (those are mine at left) Larkspur, Lotus, or Lavender. Maybe you've spent time at Lake Louise and barbecued Lamb chops, all the while hoping you wouldn't get Lambasted by a wild Lynx or giant Lizard. Maybe you'd like to tell us about your Lust for Luscious Lemon pie, Liver and onions, Lasagne, or Limburger cheese. Have you ever bought a Lucky Lottery ticket? Maybe I'll tell you all about my Lack of Love Life, Lowest common denominators, Lowercase Letters, and Latitude and Longitude! Nah! Too Lackluster...I'll stick to my "destinations" theme and will take you on a virtual visit to some places beginning with the Letter L. (It's also for Leslie!)