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Monday 30 January 2012

C is for...... Chubskulit...

Hi  everyone, Chubskulit here.  I am delighted that I was  given the  chance to  be part of this educational and exciting  meme, ABC Wednesday.  Thank you to ABC Team for giving me this  opportunity to contribute to Round 10.  I am a mother of two chubby cheeks I called  Burritos.  These two keeps me busy  but  the cuddles, chuckles, and lots of hugs and kisses are always the rewards I  truly enjoy.  So are you ready to chime in?  Come and gather your Cs and explore what we CAN show  and learn through  ABC this week.  A picture below  was taken  a couple of years ago  in Chinhae, South Korea.

What utterly impractical or useless skill do you possess that most people do not?
- I can cross my eyes for a long time, can you?

If someone were to play you in the movie of your life, which actor would that be?
- Gong Li, the actress in Memoirs of a Geisha.

What piece of music do you most identify with?  Perhaps, it's your theme song
- I am a fan of Celine Dion  so it would be "The Prayer"
What food would you most like to have if nutrition and calories were not an issue?
- Fried Fish

What is your most favorite and least favorite sound?
- I love Country music but  don't like  metal songs

Top 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to dinner? What would the main course be?
- My late father and brother ( I have so many things to tell them that I wasn't able to say when they were still here), and  Mother Teresa, I have so many questions to ask her .  Rice and chicken cordon bleu.

Have a great week!


Tuesday 24 January 2012

B is for Beginning interview with Berowne

ABC is an evolving phenomenon and we like to keep it mind BLOWING!

This round we are going to be introducing contributors.....starting with our very own Berowne

I caught up with him last week, busy man he is, and he shared the following fascinating insight into his world!

Dear Mrs. Nesbitt: My friend Berowne is indeed honored to have been chosen to represent the letter “B” this week. I hope bloggers will forgive him for treating the subject with a certain degree of levity. Herewith his answers:

 “What is your most favorite sound?”
Berowne: Hearing from my son or daughter, when neither of ‘em needs money.

“What is your least favorite sound?"
When they need money.

"If someone were to play you in the movie of your life, which actor would that be?”
George Clooney has already expressed interest, but so far no decision has been made.

“What food would you most like to have if nutrition and calories were not an issue?”
First off, I like frangipane. I have no idea what it is; I just enjoy saying the word. Then there’s coq au vin – providing it’s made with real cocoa.

“What utterly impractical or useless skill do you possess that most people do not?”
Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, most of my skills are impractical, useless, immoral or illegal.

“What top 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to dinner?”
Well, first off, I’d have to make a basic decision. They should all be dead or all alive. You can’t have dead and alive mixing; every time that has been tried it has ended badly.

“What would the main course be?”Fricassee of mountain goat is always well received.

“What piece of music do you most identify with?”The hip-hop version of “Seventy-Six Trombones.”

Berowne looks forward to seeing all you folks again on the internet. He says goodbye with, as they say south of the border, “Vaya con huevos!”

Tuesday 17 January 2012

ABC Round 10!

Gather round young bloggers, come in and take a pew.
ABC Wednesday is here and that involves you!
Once again it's time for our weekly talent show
Whoever would have thought it, all those years ago.
That folks would jump on board with the weekly meme
showing so much creativity with their chosen theme!
Stand up and take a bow as we begin Round 10
Will your choice be photographs or will you use your pen? 
Wednesdays are always exciting, what will people do?
Well let's not hang around - it is over good people to you!

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Denise, here, mrs nesbitt, that's me
proud to be part of Team ABC
with a question for all the ABC crowd
let me hear your answers - shout it loud!

What will YOUR decision be for Z?? here in UK  pronounced zed)
Are you calling it a day and going back to bed?

Or will you take the challenge of a brand new day
and shout Round 10 is here...hip hip hooray?

Will you  illustrate intently your ZEST for life
and comment on others midst your troubles and strife?

Will you go the extra mile and share something appealing?
That will have us in awe, hanging from the ceiling?

If you're aboard for the next round
Do you fancy a step  in an effort to expound?
We like to pride ourselves with our introductions
Infact we see it as a type of seduction!
If you fancy introducing a letter
Just let us know - it couldn't be better!
What ever your fancy whatever you choose
Just let us know - we appreciate your views!

Enough of this rambling there's work to do...
it's ABC Wednesday so over to YOU!

Tuesday 3 January 2012


YEAH, I could YANK YOU around with a YARN about a YELLOW YETI living in a YURT, eating YOGURT and wearing a YARMULKE.

But this YANKEE (just like YOGI) would rather have YOU YODEL about YOUR YESTER-ME, YESTER-YOU, YESTERDAY [listen], maybe YOUR YULETIDE. YAKETY YAK [listen] about YOUR YOUTH. YELL about YOUR YEARS. YOWL about YOUR YARD. YAP about YOUR YO-YO. Or YEARN for a YACHT.

Any YAHOO can join ABC Wednesday, made YEASTY by our wise-as-YODA Denise Nesbitt. Just say YES [listen], even while doing YOGA.
And will YOU be say YES to ABC Wednesday, Round 10 this YEAR? As noted last week, TroY designed a nifty logo that looks a bit like this: