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Tuesday 27 March 2012

ABC Wednesday: K is for kinks

It would be a kindness if someone would pass on the necessary knowledge for me to get kinks out of my extension cords.
I would also like to be able to get kinks out of my garden hoses and neck.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

J is for..........

Following on from last week's Giveaway,

Thanks so much to Aris for this generous prize, we appreciate it so much.
It pays to comment don't you think?

Tuesday 13 March 2012

I is for..........Inlinkz

Each week we follow fellow ABC Bloggers, thanks to a nifty piece of software called the link tool, or to be more precise Inlinkz. This is down to the ingenious, intelligent, Aris Korbetus, the name behind INLINKZ.....this week fellow bloggers not only is he writing a piece for our INTRODUCTION - he is also donating a Giveaway Amazon Voucer! Wow! How is that? Just leave a comment and one lucky random person will win this generous do you ask? All down to the ingenious INLINKZ!!!!

InLinkz is made for sharing. In each InLinkz link, there lies behind it, a blogger, with a whole new and exciting story to share with all of us. Some stories are sad, most are happy and creative. And all stories are unique. As unique as the personalities of those who worked for them. It is like a TV, where each channel leads to a connected soul. It might be hundreds or thousands of miles away but the story is there! Looking us in the I , waiting to be read. And usually, in an InLinkz, the stories are somewhat alike, based on some rules, yet so different!
And when I follow the link, I meet a new person and a whole new world behind it! I discover more. I want to get in touch with the person behind the link. I feel small, yet great. Far away but not disconnected. And when I go back to the InLinkz, there are lots of other links to follow and people to meet! There are all opportunities to connect and share! And as human beings, we do love to connect and share, no matter how far we are from each other!

Tuesday 6 March 2012


Today's Guest introduction is from Andy
Finally, I've had a chance to answer the questions for letter "H".
H is for...Handsome poet Andy.

1. What utterly impractical or useless skill do you possess that most people do not?
I'm a poet...what I lack in skills, I make up for with sentiments of love and romance.

2. If someone were to play you in the movie of your life, which actor would that be?
I'm the Original Poet...impossible to duplicate or I'd have to play myself.

3. What piece of music do you most identify with?  Perhaps, it's your theme song.
I can enjoy most genres of music, but the music that inspires me to write/puts me in a different mood is by the Indian singer Mukesh.
4. What food would you most like to have if nutrition and calories were not an issue?
I love chocolate in any size, shape or color, but I do have to watch my numbers, so I only indulge once in a while. Ideally, I would love to completely immerse myself in a bath full of chocolate!

5. What is your most favorite and least favorite sound?
Most favorite sound is the mellifluous voice of my beautiful wife. Least favorite is punk rock & heavy metal.

6. Top 3 people (dead or alive) would you invite to dinner? What would the main course be?
My wife (we always dine together), my favorite singer Mukesh (deceased)...he could serenade us after our meal and my favorite British actress, Helen Mirren (she could give me elocution lessons for when I play me in the movie of my life). Herb-stuffed pork chops

Let's get this Hullabaloo started!