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Tuesday 30 August 2011

G like Gattina

When I had to choose a nickname for my blog I thought about the nickname they gave me in art school "Madame Chat" which means Mrs Cat, but "chat" in English means a chatterbox which I am too, but I didn't want this as a nickname. Finally I found a solution I thought about "cat" in Italian and that is Gatto, for a male, Gatta for a female and Gattina for a kitty. Now you know !

Let's GO with the game and a lot of good, grand, and glamorous words !

Sunday 21 August 2011

The F word is.....


During these dog days of summer, a Fabulous old song came to mind that Filled me with memories of Frisky and Fun-Filled days that were Funky, Footloose, and unForgettable. I am referring to the Beach Boys' "Fun Fun Fun" from their 1964 album "Shut Down Volume 2." (To hear/watch the song, click on the red title above.)
The song was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love about a teenager named Shirley England, who worked for her father, the owner of radio station KNAK in Salt Lake City, Utah. Apparently, one day Shirley borrowed her Dad's Ford Thunderbird to go to the library, but she ended up at a hamburger stand instead. As a result, her Dad took the car away from her. The next day, the Beach Boys happened to be visiting the radio station for an interview and overhead her complaining about it to the staff. The Beach Boys were inspired to write this song! One interesting Fact is that the Wilson brothers' Father thought the song was immoral and tried to keep the group from recording it. I am Frankly Flabbergasted and Freaked out that we may never have heard this Fun song!

So have FUN FUN FUN, everyone, for the rest of the summer. Be Festive, Fabulous, Flirty, and Fascinating! Tell us all about your Ferocious Felines, your Fashion sense, your Flights of Fancy or even about your latest Flight to wherever. We're not Fussy. We want to hear all about the Frenzied tomFoolery at your last Festive Event.

Thanks to our hostess Denise Nesbitt and her Fabulous and Faithful Flock for their Fearless and Feisty assistance in Facilitating this weekly Fun. This has become more than a Fad since we're into the 5th year of ABCW and it has spread to many countries around the world. Tell your Friends to check us out at this website and encourage them to join in the Fun!

Tuesday 16 August 2011


Well here we are at E.....what will YOUR E contribution EVOKE..........

Here @ ABC Wednesday we always try to ENCORAGE our happy contributers each you have an idea for an introduction?
If so -leave a comment and we will  email .........YOU!

EXACTLY!!! as EASY as that!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

D is For Denise introducing new team member Pheno

Hi Folks I am the new team member Pheno and have stayed in Delhi which is the land of the Dynamic and Dashing. I like Dabbling with various Daggers which are quite quite Dangerous. This is not a collection for Desperate people and can be quite Deadly with Disastrous results. We certainly Dont want that DO we? Dancing is another thing that I like but come nowhere close to Daundering which is a scotish Dance. I always seem to Dream about Dairies or did I mean Diaries?By the way did I mention that I make good delicious dimsums??Duh!! Do I sound Deranged? I certainly Dont Deny it.  I am certainly Dropping my Daddle right here and right now.  

Dare to post blogs with the letter D. Dont just see...DO !!

One of my Dagger collection which I have titled "Snake in the Eagles Shadow!!"

Tuesday 2 August 2011

C, it is almost a circle......

A cacophony of C’s careens through the crevices of my so-called brain!   The cadences of music creep without caution from my cranium.  

A song from Bing Crosby -- “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”  -- sounds so comforting as we contend with the current heat wave in the Midwest USA.  

Per chance, is it the conundrum of staying cool that is making me “Crazy” -- as in the hit by Patsy Cline.  

And speaking of Willie Nelson (he wrote “Crazy”),  I crave outlaw country lyrics as they continue to surface willy-nilly.  “Chances will be taken….” croons Gary P Nunn in this ditty, the “London Homesick Blues.”    It became the theme song of the PBS TV show, Austin City Limits, the longest running popular music show on American TV.

Of course, there is the ultimate country song,  “you don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’, but you never even call me by my name”, by Steve Goodman and John Prine which was a big hit for David Allan Coe.  

Contrary to what you may be thinking,  and lest you conclude I cotton only to country, here is a little Chopin played by Piotr Anderszewski, a Gilmore Artist (from Kalamazoo’s Gilmore International Keyboard Festival). 

Have I cajoled you into contributing to the celebration of C?  
Please come up with something to calm down the consternation in the convoluted cubicle of my head!   
Throw caution to the wind and join in!