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Tuesday 28 August 2012

G is for Go Green

When I was growing up, if someone said they were going green that meant they were sick.


The expression green around the gills means someone is ill from motion sickness, the flu, or perhaps from too much alcohol. 

I'm not sure when Go Green first became a battle cry for environmental movements. 

My guess would be that it was sometime in the early 1970s that Go Green started being adopted as a slogan for anything from ocean conservation groups to recycling efforts.

Sometimes go green becomes ironic because it's used by commercial enterprises that aren't particularly good for the environment. They want you to think their products are better for the environment than their competitors products and begin their ad with GO GREEN.

Language and expressions can be confusing but tone of voice helps. If I say I'm going green and sound like I'm about to pass out that probably means I'm green around the gills. If I say I'm going green with a happy tone of voice, you can assume it has to do with an environmental issue I'm trying to help with my genuine efforts.

Gee whiz on with the games . . .

Tuesday 21 August 2012

F is for...FUN...

Although I FREQUENT ABC Wednesday regularly, I usually post only a FEW FOTOS on each post.

I FIND that more than just a FEW of you FINE FOLKS FIND pleasure in posting FANTASTIC and FABULOUS snapshots of several different scenes that are FAMILIAR to you. Some include FAMILY and other FRIENDLY FACES, sometimes a FIESTA, a FOREIGN city or village, FOGGY scenes, FINE FOOD, FINE ARTS, and so much more. Whatever the image, you all seem to FOCUS very well on technical FORM.

Instead of FRITTERING away more of your time, I FORECAST that the FLOODGATES will open and you will FORGE ahead and bring FORTH photographs that will FIT the bill for the letter "F"---I'll FUEL your imagination by showing you this FISH that I FOUND on the wall of a restaurant in FISH CREEK, Wisconsin.

Have FUN!!


Monday 13 August 2012

E is for ELATION!

Only hours have passed since the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics held here in UK! What an EXCITING time was had by all! Who/What was your favourite/memorable moment of Excitement?
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Saturday 4 August 2012

D is for DENISE

DAME DENISE (aka Mrs. Nesbitt) is our inDomitable and DYNAMIC leader!  She came up with the idea of a meme called ABC WEDNESDAY and it took off with a DRIVING force.  Now into its sixth year, currently at Round 11, there have been some DAZZLING and DELIGHTFUL DEVELOPMENTSDENISE DECIDED she had a need for a bit of assistance because, although DELIRIOUS that people from all over the world enjoy participating each week, it had become DIFFICULT to visit each contributor.  After all, the count is usually around 100 per week and she DOES have a life!  Therefore, DENISE'S group of DUTIFUL helpers DELIVER comments to everyone by evenly DIVIDING the job.  DURING this round, DENISE is still posting her own contribution; however, she is taking a well-DESERVED break from the DEMANDING DUTY of administering the meme. Our DIRECTOR this time is Sir Roger!  Please take a moment to stand and give DENISE a DEAFENING but DIGNIFIED ovation!  Here Here!