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Monday 29 August 2016

H is for

I'm Happy to see the Hordes of people crowding the Hallowed ABC Wednesday Halls.
(This time of year  Horde-filled Halls are High on many minds as students return to school. Homes are filled with Huzzahs and Hallelujahs.)
I Hope you've saved enough  energy to post this week.
On a serious note. It's Honestly been a Honor  to Help out as a Host Here  over the last decade.  There will be a Hollow Hole in my Heart when this journey ends.  On a Happier note Hearing     about everyone else Has Helped me deal with some of the Hardships and Hurdles in my life.    
Here's to Happier notes.
Let's Hear what H inspired thoughts you have today. 


Monday 22 August 2016

G stands for Gummidge--Worzel.

Worzel Gummidge is a delightful character in a series of childrens' stories created by the novelist Barbara Euphan Todd.

Worzel Gummage with his 'Happy Head' on.

He is a fictional scarecrow and lives at Scatterbrook Farm. He has a set of interchangeable heads of turnips, mangel wurzels, and swedes, each of which suited a particular occasion or endowed him with a specific skill. His best friends are two children who live nearby, called Sue and John, and are always running to his rescue and getting him out of trouble.

 In the book he had a wife called Earthy Mangold, sadly in the TV series there was hardly any mention of her,  which is a shame because apart from having such a glorious name she was quite an eccentric and quirky character.

This is the only reference to Earthy Mangold that I could find in the form of the original book. I don't know why she was left out of the TV series as she was quite a glorious character. I suspect the writers wanted to concentrate on the character of Aunt Sally, played by the popular actress from TV soaps and British films, Una Stubbs.

 Aunt Sally was a great character and portrayed wonderfully by Una Stubbs.

Aunt Sally and the scarecrow she loves to tease, dear old Worzel  Gummidge.   Sadly, a severe case of unrequited love.

Another character who  is integral to the stories is........

The Crowman. 

He is the 'Boss' of the scarecrows, he created them all and his job is to look after them, including the rascally Worzel Gummidge. 

 The Crowman cycles all around the village and visits them regularly. he rides a three wheeler trike, which tows a trailer and the tools of his trade within. It has a basket on the front, which carries his Jack Russell dog called Ratter. 

Part of his jobs include  restuffing  the scarecrows with straw and generally fixing them.

 Visiting Worzel Gummidge is a chore because he's never in his field and usually off out somewhere, not necessarily causing trouble, but often in the midst of it! Particularly if there is a slice of cake and a nice cup of tea. Tea and cakes were his passion apart from  Aunt Sally.

Right, enough Turnip tales from me.... and thanks to Denise for creating ABCW and to Roger and Co for all their hard work too.
Best wishes to all,
ABCW team.




Monday 15 August 2016

F-stands for February.

FEBRUARY. by Helen Hunt Jackson.

Still lie the sheltering snow

And reign the Winter's pregnant silence still;

No sign of spring, save the catkin's fill,

 And willow stems grow daily red and white

 These are the days when ancients held a rite,

 of expiation for the old year's ill.

 And prayer to purify the new year's will : 

Fit days, ere yet the bounding blood grows hot with haste,

 And dreaming thoughts grow heavy with haste,

 The ardent summer's joy to have and taste;

 Fit days, to give to last years losses held,

 To reckon clear the new life's sterner need;

Fit days for Feast of Expiation placed.


I do hope that you enjoyed reading this Fetching  sonnet written by Helen.H. Jackson it comes from her 'A Calander of Sonnets'..... a collection of  poems relating, mainly to the months in the year and the changing seasons thereon.

I believe she is more widely known for 'A Century of Dishonour', which described the adverse effects of Government treatment,  and mistreatment of Native Americans.
She was a very Feisty lady and a keen activist in fighting for better treatment of the Native Americans, she wasn't afraid to take on corrupt politicians and Frequently spoke loudly and clearly for her cause.

 Sincere thanks to the Fabulous Denise Nesbitt for bringing us all so much Fun when she First devised ABCW, also to the Frightfully Factual Roger for all he does ably assisted by the Fearless Leslie from Vancouver BC. Finally we mustn't Forget the team of helpers who fervently help with visiting and commenting on other sites. That's it FOLKS ! I'm just about Finished.

abcw team.



Monday 8 August 2016

E is for Entrepreneur

The New York Small Business Development Center helps businesses at all phases of their operation. There are SBDC programs in every state in the US and the District of Columbia, plus Puerto Rico, Guam, and other outlining areas. It is funded as partnership between the US Small Business Administration and the host institution, usually a college or university.

I have been a business librarian for nearly 24 years. I'm one of four professionals who help our New York SBDC business advisers assist the clients who come in to receive professional, free, and confidential advisement.

While the businesses can be at any stage, from expansion to retirement, probably a majority of SBDC clients are entrepreneurs. The Wikipedia defines entrepreneurship as "the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a startup company, offering a product, process or service for sale or hire."

I've only recently learned that the SBDC out of the University of Texas in San Antonio has been involved in helping other countries to ascertain whether to use the model the SBDC program in their lands.

There is a magazine called Entrepreneur, which may be useful for someone starting or expanding an enterprise.

Happy BIrthday to ???

First of all ....'big shame on me'...  Today it is august 9th and I have forgotten to mention to all of you that there was a participant in our group last week who celebrated the date of birth.

So; accompanied by sincere apoligies, a very big "congratulations" to Kilelong (,also known as "Franklymydear"

I would love you to visit the blog of Kilelong and give congratulations to.

Monday 1 August 2016

D for Doubt.

Doubting Thomas was the apostle who refused to believe the resurrected Jesus had appeared to the ten other Apostles until he could see and feel the wounds Jesus suffered from being on the cross.

Caravaggio's painting of Thomas checking Jesus's wounds.

It is written that we all have a little bit of Thomas in us.

 Sometimes we become like Thomas when we go through hard times, others after taking a class that challenges us to think more deeply about God.

Do you require any more proof
of Our Lord's Resurrection?  DOUBTING THOMAS ?

 Some images of my favourite four legged friends, the humble..... 


(from the Movie called Shrek)

Muffin the Mule: who really is a DONKEY puppet, he used to DANCE and sing on the top of Annette Mills piano whilst she played  and sang.....

Annette and Muffin.

Good old Muffin the Mule.

Here comes Muffin the Mule, Dear old Muffin, playing the fool'.....etc.
 A great favourite in the 50's on childrens' TV.

.Annette Mills was the sister of the famous actor Sir John Mills who starred in many films, including the lead role of 'Pip' in the film of DICKEN'S   'Great Expectations'. He also starred in Ryans Daughter, Goodbye Mr Chips and so many more. 

Sincere thanks to all the team of ABCW for doing what they do each week to keepus up and running, including Denise who DEVELOPED ABCW and Roger and Leslie in admin also the team of assistants, who help with the visits,
 best wishes to all, Di .xx