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Tuesday 31 May 2011


TODAY it's Time for "T"

T is TERRIBLY important.
Without T there would be no TRIUMPH over TYRANTS.

We could not TASTE our TEA, or TWEET on TWITTER.
We could not TAKE TIME TO THINK.


We could not TALK, because we would have no TONGUES.

We would not be able to wear TROUSERS.
There would be no TRENDS, no TRAVEL, no TOURISTS, no TREASURES and no TRADE.

So please, TAKE a moment and TELL us your TRIBUTE to T.

Because worst of all, without T, there would be no TROY. And that, my friends would be TRULY TRAGIC.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Sylvia's S!

Say! This is Sylvia and guess what? It's the S day and Sam Schnauzer and I are ready to climb into our Sailboat with a bouquet of Sunflowers, a bowl full of Salad, a Salami Sandwich or two to Satisfy our appetite and, of course, a pitcher of Sangria to Sip on as we Sit Safely on the Sand at the beach! Who knows who may come Sailing up with a Saber! I hate to get Sentimental, but I'm Suddenly reminded of the year I lived in Mexico and Sat on my patio, wrapped in my Serape, watching the Sunsets! So, Schlepp along with us. Share the Smiles, Sing Some Songs, Swing your hips and dance and just be Silly and never too Serious! That is how we find the Sweetness of life and avoid the Storms!! Is that Super or what!! So long, See you next week -- bring Some Sourdough bread , Some Smiles and prepare to Sing Some Songs, even if the weather is Stormy! Okay?

Monday 16 May 2011

R is for Roger

When Mrs. Nesbitt gave us the RITE of writing this introduction, I thought it was to introduce ourselves to you. So, I will.

I am Roger and I am reticent, reserved, retiring, retrospective, reliable, respectful, realistic, reasonable, and reclusive.

I am also rowdy, rambunctious, raucous, ridiculous, radical, rambunctious, rebellious, reckless, rascally, and rollicking.

It all depends how I ROLL out of bed.

I do try NOT to be redundant, raunchy, raging, rude, or ruthless.

But I don't mind if I'm reminiscent, reflective, rejoicing, relaxed, resourceful, romantic or restorative.

RAH! I'm relieved I'm done, and relish the opportunity to read what you wrote, even if it's by rote.
Oh, yeah, a REMINDER about the RIGHT way to post to ABC Wednesday.

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3. CHECK THE LINK. Sometimes people have put in rather than in the Linky, which doesn't work. You should be getting an e-mail which will allow you to delete your own post and try again.

4. Comment on other people's blogs; 5 or 7 or 10, or more if you're so inclined. Check on Tuesday or Wednesday and maybe over the weekend for the later arrivals.

Monday 9 May 2011


As swift as QUICKSILVER, no QUESTON about it, the week has turned, so QED, its time to QUEST for the letter Q.  If we had a Latin motto for ABC Wednesday would it be Terence's "QUOT homines tot sententiae" (as many minds as men) that is there are as many opinions as there are people to hold them. 

I always think Q is a pretty letter it lends itself to curls and swirls. It also is usually followed with a U. The QUESTION is how many Q words do not?   Well there is:
QANAT - an underground tunnel for carrying irrigation water; 
QASIDA - an Arabic poem of praise or mourning; 
QAWWALI - sufi music
QIGONG (a breathing meditation)
QIVIUT - the wool of the artic musk ox

QUITE evidently these words have come from other languages (Arabic, Chinese and Inuit). So useful when we have not got the word, just look at the QUINTESSENCE of QIVIUT

Monday 2 May 2011


POLITICS! Everywhere here in Canada the talk has been nothing but POLITICS. Monday, May 2nd was our national election and there was a lot of controversy about it. The Liberal and New Democratic PARTIES overthrew the government, forcing an election, and most of the country was horrified. After all, it's the fourth national election in seven years! Usually, the PRIME MINISTER is in POWER for four years, just like the American PRESIDENT. For more information about our POLITICAL scandal click here. It's a very good, yet brief overview of how Canadian and American POLITICS and government differ. PERSONALLY, I think Stephen Harper is the best PERSON for the job right now. He's an economist and has been able to keep Canada's economic situation stronger than a lot of other countries right now. In fact, our dollar is now equal to or worth more than the American dollar. The leaders of the other PARTIES PROMISED so much, but I wonder who they thought was going to PAY for these PROMISES. Mr. Harper may not appear to be the flashiest leader, but he's an extremely intelligent, hard-working man and his PLATFORMS have helped to keep our country in a PRIME POSITION to be a force in world POLITICS. For example, Canadian soldiers have been in Afghanistan all these years helping to fight the war on terror, and 155 of our brave soldiers have died in this PUSH FOR PEACE. Time will tell how Canada's POLITICAL situation will PAN out. Even though this election has cost our country $300 million, I am POSITIVE that Canada will continue to move forward with Stephen Harper leading a majority government with his PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE PARTY!