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Monday 26 May 2014

Time for T

Time is Tricky.

Nobody has enough.
Yet we all waste so much of it.

We beg a few moments, pass a few hours, and soon we are on borrowed time.
Once it is gone, it can never be recovered.

And oddly, every year around this time, I find myself wondering where the Time has gone.

It seems just weeks ago that I wrote an intro for "F", and as I invited people to share their posts for their own fifteen minutes of fame, I realized that round fifteen was approaching.  Could I base the next badge, for round fifteen on the concept of fifteen minutes of fame?

How would I portray it in a logo?

How could I create a design that invited people to share their blog, and be, in their own unique way, famous, for the time it takes us to read their post?

Through the Process of Trial and Error, I came up with something I could live with.

So, next round, each week, as you share your blog, you will be enjoying your own moment in the spotlight.

And isn't it about Time?


Monday 19 May 2014

S is for


Soon, Spring Segues to Summer.

School...                   ...Out
Swimming Suits...     .....In

The Sun... the Stars...

Several Signs, Show me that Seasons in Sequence...

Am I losing my Sanity?

Some Say So...

I Slip and Slide on the Slippery Slope,

Still, it seems that "S" is in Season.

What does "S" say to you this week?

Monday 12 May 2014

R is for Rescue, Rest and Rehab

Greetings to all ABCW readers!  You can read all about our rip-roaring "after party" on my personal blog, but I'll relate here a bit about my rescue from the woods on the weekend.  Towards the end of Tegan's and my walk along the trail in Ladner Harbour Park, we were rounding the final curve when a root reached up and grabbed my foot.  With no time to catch myself, I belly-flopped half on the dirt trail and half on the grassy edge, with only my right arm to brace myself.  Face-planted, I lay there for about 10 seconds wondering if I'd be able to breathe.  Finally managing to get up onto my hands and knees, I took several deep breaths before considering whether I could make it up onto my feet.  Luckily, an older lady appeared with her dog and helped me up.  However, as soon as I put any weight on my right foot, the pain soared to 10+.

As we hovered there, I saw in the distance some friends from church and they came rushing to my assistance.  There was no alternative but to phone the ambulance to come and rescue me.  Lorne was called to let him know that the car and dog were being delivered to the front door, and then he should meet me in the local ER.  It was a bumpy ride on the stretcher through the woods and quite the experience looking up through the trees, but the EMTs were professional and reassuring.  Here's part of the trail where Tegan and I were rambling.
After a long wait in the emergency room after x-rays had been taken, the doctor said that it was hard to say whether my ankle was broken again.  Apparently, it seemed as though the ankle had not healed properly and it looked like there were spaces where bone should be.  So, another visit to the orthopedic surgeon is going to be a reality.  Here I am again now in the notorious boot named "Frank" (after Frankenstein) awaiting a call early in the week to find out when I am to report to Royal Columbia Hospital.  Maybe next week, S will stand for "surgeon" if I have to have surgery on the ankle to repair it properly. 

One good thing - the local coyote did not reveal himself!

So now, dear readers, since I am rightfully laid up, I should have reams of time to peruse and read over your posts for the letter RRavage me with tales of your rambunctious kids, your home refurbishments, or the relapses from your New Year's resolutions.  And remember our administrator, the resolute and robust Roger!

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Q is for Quack

The quiet of the morning is broken by the quack quack quacking of the ducks and some geese honking too.


I've also seen a quack or two in my time but that's another story. I knew that a quack means someone who promoted unproven or fraudulent medical practices. I didn't know that the origin of quack comes from the archaic word quacksalver which has Dutch origins (kwakzalver in contemporary Dutch). The word literally means hawker of salve. In the middle ages the word quack meant shouting. I have paraphrased and copied this information from wikipedia. So without anymore quacking from me, link up and visit each other for some Q fun.