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Tuesday 11 January 2011


This letter of the alphabet denotes one thing -
Are you going to scream or are you going to sing?
Are you game for the next eighth round
or are you grabbing for your coat & homeward bound?
The round has brought challenes for many here
and for all your efforts lets have a "Three Cheers!"
We have fun each Wednesday - there's no denying
and we really appreciate all your work and trying
From the obscure, the funny, the simply outstounding
you bring us your best, always resounding!
So dear bloggers I ask Is it a yes or is it a No?
Are you on board for the next part of the show?


  1. Sorry, Batman. You're still stuck with me.

  2. Z is a difficult letter for English but not for Dutch. Many words beginning with S in English start with Z in Dutch.

  3. I am going to try to hop on board again for the next round. It's been fun and educational, as well. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into keeping this meme going.

  4. I intend to zoom into the next zippy round. Cheers, Carver

  5. I'm onboard alright. I came into this round at the letter E, so I really feel I've missed something!
    Seriously, I think it is great fun and I'd love to do it again. I'm game if you are.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. I'm in. Don't know what I'll be doing yet, but I'm with you.

  7. See you all on the other side :)

  8. Sure, let's do it. Plenty of words left!

  9. I just hopped on bord without breaking my leg !

  10. I am still enjoyuing the challenge - am just trying to find a focus for the next round!

  11. Yep I would like to start at letter A.

    Love Leanne

  12. Let's go for another round then!

    Have a great ABC Wednesday****

  13. Yes! I am in

    have a great week

  14. This has been great fun—both adding a letter each week, reading other participant's entries and being part of the ABC Team. Thanks for hosting such a fun and civilized blog. I'll be stopping for the next round—but hope to hop back on when you take the next go around.


  15. I can't wait for another round! Thanks Denise & everyone else too. Happy ABC Wednesday.
    : )

  16. Z is for ZZZZ, time to catch 40 winks, then I'm all for another new round of ABC Wednesday! Ay, Ay, Ay!

  17. For the next round, we're going to try to do A-Z with street names in our City since we are a City Daily Photo site.

    Z today has been fabulous. Nice range and very informative posts. Collectively, our best yet!

  18. Came over from Science Girl (Nanu) and definitely want to sign up for the next round.

  19. Count me in!

    Happy Wednesday!

  20. Yezzz always on board. thanks for hosting

  21. It looks like my participation may be sporadic or nonexistent for quite awhile. Bummer big time. I started in late on this round and have enjoyed myself. Thanks for being here.

  22. Erratic computer problems have prevented me commenting and visiting as much as I'd like to but am prepared to carry on for a bit longer.

  23. Zoinks! i missed the linky thingy again ... just posted my Z post here -
    ... I also added it to the A list because it does have an A photo After All the other ones, and I Am going to Attempt to Actually do an A post in time.
    (yes - of course I Am going Around the Alpahbet Again! ... I just might miss a few here and there like I usually do - lol)
    btw - I like the new look of the blog!