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Tuesday 8 November 2011

The Q's have it!


Quiet in the house!  

       The lights dim. 

               Cue Q to center stage.


Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the quixotic letter Q, who rarely travels without his companion U.   They drink quinine water to quaff their thirst while never quiting or quaking at righting wrongs.   They certainly never quibble or quarrel over petty matters.  Together they have been celebrated by at least a quintet of artists!  Cervantes made sure they are quoted often.

Good Denizens of ABC Wednesday, please do not go into quarantine but join the quest for more Q’s!

All participants will qualify to join Harry Potter for a game of Quidditch.   Or, well, how about quoits if you quiver at the thought of careening through the air on a broom stick!


  1. Very cool, HelenMac!

    BTW, a note to all of you: if you want to know what time 4 p.m. UK time is, check the tab just above the ABC Wednesday logo.

  2. Thank you helenmac for the intro!! I nearly quit this time doing the quaint letter 'Q' :)

    Thank you Roger for the 'Time around the world' check list!! Phew!! Really is helpful!!

  3. Thanks Roger, I will quietly go and check it out.

    HelenMac, great way to start the "Q" day today.

  4. Loved the Into and Q prompt! I'm looking forward to some Quality quips your talented followers present as we queue up and post!

    Have a great week one and all!

  5. Quite Quick with the q post there Helen - fantastic!

    Roger too - thanks so much for the time thingy - you are QUITE a wizz!

  6. Quite an excellent introduction to the letter Q.

  7. A quid for your thoughts?
    What a quintessential post!

  8. Would love to try quidditch. Love this Q post.

  9. Hello.
    Thanks helenmac...all these Qs make me quiver with excitement!

    Have a great week everyone!

    Queen Of Flowers

  10. Q is about the most difficult letter next to X!
    Mine is Quiz and I hope that anybody doing this quiz really tries to answer the questions, so that I can see what people know about my country. Of course you can google the answers. I am looking forward to reading your answers.

  11. Just so happens I have a quote today... I'm play'n

  12. Quite (not really but its Q.. I think it is very) interesting.... Happy Wednesday


  13. interesting theme - my post this week is a
    Quiet Romantic Dinner!

    have a good day everyone!
    My Third Eye

  14. I'm looking forward to visiting all the Q's!

  15. My first link up for ABC wednesday and Q was a tough one to join in but it looks like fun.
    Suzy, NZ.

  16. Thanks for hosting and inspiring...