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Monday 2 June 2014

U is for Untied, and United

Ever notice that UNTIED and UNITED have the same letters, but their meanings are pretty much the opposite?

UNTIED is like my shoelaces, too often, ready for someone to step on them and cause me to fall.
UNITED suggests things working together, for a common goal.

UNTIED means, literally, at loose ends.
UNITED is strong; you might be able to break one stick, but bundled together, they are nearly UNBREAKABLE.

UNTIED suggests a rootlessness.
UNITED suggests connection.

And UNITED is what this team of participants and visitors have become, lo these seven years. This is an exercise where doing it alone is UNSUSTAINABLE, but working together creates mutual UNDERSTANDING, which is what we need more of in this UNIVERSE.



  1. Unique! Thank you Roger:)
    Regret unable to access your blog for some unknown reason:(
    Missing all that great music you gift us...

  2. Unforgettable! Undeniably understandable!

  3. AmitAag - sometimes certain YouTube videos are blocked in different countries. (Sigh) I was on a New Zealand site and 2 of the 8 videos would not work in the US.

  4. Unifying and unfettered with useless,utterances.

    Have a great week and thanks, as always for this unprecedented (at least in my opinion), utterly wonderful place to visit.

  5. its been ages i have been to ABC , and my Uturn has been pleasant to see wonderful posts.

  6. Unexpected - love this! How had I never noticed this before!

  7. Utterly unique and I have made an Ugly error by linking a different post. Can someone delete my entry please?


  8. Neat! That's a very keen observation on two very commonly used words, Roger. Blessings!

  9. Great entries for U. Some lessons therein to be pondered over!

  10. makes me think of quite and quiet, which I always mix up !

  11. Uluru is a UNESCO listed site in Australia. An unforgettable sight, it changes colour at different times of day.
    Thanks for hosting.

  12. Hi Roger. Thanks for the work you and ABC's very Unified team does to keep this Unforgettable meme going so successfully! No, I hadn't noticed the comparison of untied and united. Love facts like that :) Great observations here about the value of working together.

  13. Wow! Never paid attention to these words, great writing!

  14. wonderful intro, Roger! those two words are easily mixed up when I am typing, and of course, spell-check would not catch my error!

  15. You have to be careful when reading that you see the right spelling for the right word. I use UNITED today.